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Mindset of a Champion w/ Brandon Moreno

Mindset of a Champion w/ Brandon Moreno

October 4, 2021

For episode 11 of Season 5 Robert is joined by UFC Fighter and Flyweight Champion Brandon Moreno. During the conversation the two discuss working hard for your dreams, patience, and staying positive through thick and thin. Brandon shares his story about losing his UFC affiliation and working hard to gain it back, ultimately to climb to the top and become the champion of his weight division + much more.


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Show Notes:

1:00- Patton became a fan of Moreno and his positive mental attitude after watching him on The Ultimate Fighter.


2:30- Moreno enjoys reading philosophy and psychology books, one of his favorites is Relentless by Dean Stott. 


4:10- After being cut from the UFC, Moreno felt sad but went into a hyper focused state of discipline and continued training every morning to become better. 


6:50- Moreno started training MMA at age twelve and is currently twenty-seven. 


9:43- Instead of trying fancy new moves, Moreno prefers to continue mastering and sharpening his fundamentals. 


12:01- In the future, Moreno hopes to start a fighting league in Tijuana. 


13:34- Half of Patton’s family is Mexican and are based in Laredo and McAllen, Texas. Moreno’s wife is from Laredo, Texas. 


17:07- After being very frustrated about having difficulty speaking English to his teammates on The Ultimate Fighter season twenty-two in 2016, Moreno became determined to learn a lot of English and is now proficient after gaining confidence in his language skills. 


19:15- Jacob Parga was the one who connected SHEATH with Brandon Moreno. 


22:25- During his amateur career, Moreno competed in a lot of kickboxing and jiu jitsu tournaments. MMA helped him escape a sedentary lifestyle and bad diet. 


25:15- Moreno is a big advocate of visualization to help promote self confidence and mental clarity. 


28:42- “Soy el mejor” is what Moreno was repeating to himself over and over before his title fight. It means, I’m the best. 


33:53- The week before a fight, Moreno will enjoy prepped meals courtesy of the UFC Performance Institute. His favorite breakfast meal is pancakes and eggs.


35:47- Patton accredits his first place basic training physical fitness finish to not eating in the fast food line, but instead opting for the unprocessed, whole food line. 


39:20- Moreno said he would have to be paid $2,000,000 to fight Jake Paul. 


40:18- Being humble and kind are qualities that Moreno embodies. 

Ignite Your Passion w/ James Krause

Ignite Your Passion w/ James Krause

September 24, 2021

For episode 10 of Season 5 Robert is joined by UFC Fighter James Krause. The two discuss the mindset of champions, teamwork, self-talk, and what it takes to reach success in today's arena. James also shares his best tips for getting the most out of life and your respective career, which is timeless advice anyone could learn from. They also dive into Cryptocurrency and how the two have invested in it for the future.


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Show Notes:

0:46- Patton first discovered Krause after watching an episode of The Ultimate Fighter. 


3:30- As a coach, Krause emphasizes having a winning mindset in addition to enhancing skills and lessening the margin of error. 


5:27- “When you start making people do stuff, they shy away from it.” (Krause)


7:54- Positive self talk is essential because it promotes confidence and builds success. 


11:00- Fine and gross motor skills are important to understand in fighting. 


14:00-  Having fighters who are present and show up the best they can be for fight night are likely to win. 


15:40- Krause has been coaching for over fifteen years. 


16:42- “People are loyal to culture and relationships.” (Krause)


18:00- Patton got SHEATH tattooed on his back in 2013 as a bet on himself. 


21:24- Patton and Krause are both invested in a variety of crypto currencies. 


25:39- A big purchase like buying a home will be something Krause can achieve through the block chain technology. 


29:39- You can’t continue to check your portfolio over and over again, sometimes you have to step away and wait. 


30:24- “Kava is a root from the South Pacific that makes you calm and happy.” (Patton)


32:00- Bitcoin is the legal tender in El Salvador.


35:00- Every major city experiences homelessness in varying degrees. 


35:50- Krause owns three gyms and has multiple real estate properties he rents out to build wealth. 


39:15- One of the reasons for investing in MetroPCS was because Krause worked at T-Mobile before entering the UFC.


41:00- “Think & Grow Rich is my bible.” (Patton)


44:24- Patton enjoys Drake and Wiz Khalifa because they motivate him to work harder. 


46:11- You cannot deter people who are truly obsessed with their passion. 


48:34- “People with money are able to help other people with money.” (Krause)


50:30- Krause is passionate about helping the fighters he works with to become financially free. 


54:00- Abundance and positivity are the foundation to build the rest of yourself. 

Entering The Schmozone w/ Dave ‘The Schmo’ Schmulenson

Entering The Schmozone w/ Dave ‘The Schmo’ Schmulenson

September 8, 2021

For episode 9 of Season 5 Robert is joined by The Dave Schulenson aka The Schmo. Every week Dave  and his co-host Helen Yee bring their audience the latest MMA and combat sports news from the world’s fight capital, Las Vegas. They interview fighters, trainers and other big names in MMA talk about the sport, the life and anywhere the conversation takes them. Robert and Dave discuss topics like the intricacies and business behind the UFC, and other top MMA leagues, their respective journeys and maintaining a positive attitude through the challenges life throws their way.

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Show Notes:

1:07- Dave Schmulenson is one of the few press pass holders for the UFC.
2:45- Schmo loves being able to interview talented fighters from all over the world.
3:45- Conor McGregor is one of the few athletes that Schmo has yet to interview one on one.
5:00- More fighters in the UFC are choosing to live in Las Vegas due to the exceptional training facilities like the UFC Performance Institute.
6:15- Patton & Schmo are both familiar with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and want to increase their practice.
9:09- Schmo is happy being known for interviewing MMA athletes but started out covering NBA & NFL and has evolved into more combat sports.
10:14- Michael Jordan is the one athlete that would make the Schmo nervous to interview.
13:27- Politics is a big frustration for Patton and Schmo because they know that one side isn’t better than the other and always remember that we are human and not perfect.
15:20- Schmo isn’t afraid to call out the hypocrisies of sponsorships within the sports world.
23:08- There are a vast number of reasons for why and when people join combat sports.
28:00- Patton and Schmo are both huge fans of Paul “The Irish Dragon” Felder.
31:17- Schmo wants to break the outdated mold of boxing because it’s not relatable to the new generation.
33:39- Jake Paul is helping bring awareness to fighter pay which outweighs his negative image as the bad guy.
35:30- Schmo has a degree in communications from The University of Arizona.
37:30- During his senior year in college, Schmo realized he didn’t want to go to Law school but wanted to continue sports broadcasting after getting a spot on the Arizona Athletics team where he got to interview baseball and basketball coaches and players during the pre game.
40:48- “Sports are such an important thing for everybody in life, like they teach you so much about life, how to win, lose, face adversity, build chemistry and teams.” (Schmo)
45:08- Sheath sponsored athlete Brandon Moreno might be the only athlete cut from the UFC that was cut then came back to earn the championship.
48:00- Schmo believes that Khabib will keep his 29-0 record and come back to fight unless it is an exhibition.
49:30- “You gotta enjoy the process and journey.” (Schmo)
50:49- The Schmo works out every day for an hour to get a good sweat and stay mobile. He doesn’t settle into one thing, he enjoys everything from Pilates and Yoga to strength training.
54:00- We all want to experience triumph from time to time.
56:09- Most people don’t realize how much work and sacrifice goes into achieving success.
Brooklyn Boxing & Combat Sports w/ Patrick Healy

Brooklyn Boxing & Combat Sports w/ Patrick Healy

August 30, 2021

For episode 8 of Season 5 Robert is joined by Brooklyn Boxing Podcast Host, Patrick Healy. Patrick started his podcast out of his backpack traveling from Brooklyn to Miami. He interviews boxers, fighters, trainers, promoters and personalities and dives deep into their story. During this podcast Robert asks Patrick questions about starting a podcast, and then the two delve into stories about their favorite UFC fighters + more.


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Show Notes:

0:37- A couple weeks ago, Patton was a guest on the Brooklyn Boxing Podcast led by Patrick Healy. 


2:02- One of the biggest challenges in podcasting is bringing an energy that makes things exciting and captivating for the guest and audience. 


3:54- The quality of episodes has gone up for Healy since he partnered up with others who can help him with editing and promoting across multiple platforms. He now has forty two episodes under his belt. 


5:30- HBO 24/7 had amazing story telling for the boxers on the show, which led Healy to fall in love with the sport because it felt like a movie. 


8:20- “A lot of these guys are deeply emotional because it’s such a lonely sport and there’s so much pressure on them.” (Healy)


11:45- When you know the back story of the fighters, it brings hype but with substance. 


13:22- The landscape of boxing is challenging right now because there is a need to bring in new audiences and get things exciting. 


15:39- There are four belt per division in boxing, but only one belt per division in the UFC.


22:44- The next big fight that Healy is excited for is Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk September 25th. 


25:30- Healy states that David Feldman is the Dana White of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships. 


29:30- There is a possibility of a UFC vs. Bellator championship in the near future. 


30:55- “Refereeing in MMA is such a nightmare, I don’t know how Herb Dean and those guys do it.” (Healy)


34:35- Healy doesn’t have aspirations to go pro in boxing, but just has love for the sport and training. He might fight as an amateur at some point. 


38:01- Colby Covington was a perfect example of taking time to develop a persona. 


40:53- “I don’t like a beatdown, I like a close fight.” (Patton)


44:30- The most electric energy Patton has felt watching a fight was Cowboy Cerrone vs. Conor McGregor.


47:30- Seeing a fighter rise to greatness is extremely inspiring but can be upsetting once they care about money more than the game. 


52:18- “You can’t just parachute in and expect results.” (Healy)


55:00- Visualization is a huge tool to help motivate you to get what you want.


57:22- Healy wants to be one of the good guys in the boxing world that actually helps out the fighters. 


59:22- You really see the human spirit come into play during the fights. 


1:02:34- Healy and Patton have both been influenced by Gary Vaynerchuk. 


1:04:00- “People are always quick to ask before they give.” (Patton)


1:06:39- Three of Patton’s favorite podcasters: Theo Von, Tim Dillon and Bridget Phetasy. 



Gamebred Fighting Championship w/ Jason Knight

Gamebred Fighting Championship w/ Jason Knight

August 25, 2021

For episode 7 of Season 5 Robert is joined by UFC Fighter Jason Knight. Jason was a top contender in the Gamebred Fighting Championship and is an all around bada$$. Fighting comes naturally to him and he is willing to go all the way for his passion. Learn from Jason and Robert and they discuss what it means to succeed in the modern day.


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Show Notes:

1:10- After a four fight winning streak in the UFC, Knight spiraled out of control from partying too hard and overspending, leading him to be dropped from the organization. 


2:06- Knight is part of the Professional Fighters League, founded in 2018. He grew up playing baseball and began fighting at the age of fourteen. He earned his pro card at seventeen after going 10-0 as an amateur. 


4:45- For fun, Knight enjoys hunting, fishing and riding ATVs. 


7:24- “I was a hot headed kid with a big temper.” (Knight)


8:45- After his mother signed a permission slip allowing him to fight, Knight fell in love with the game and began fighting more frequently. 


10:30- You can teach people many different things, but you can’t teach someone how to not give up. They have to possess the heart and drive to finish. 


15:25- The excessive spending on others would cause Knight to get low on money, often running out before his next fight was scheduled. 


19:26- Knight feels more focused than ever and knows he will show everyone he is back and at his best. 


21:54- Patton and Knight both have had to cover up tattoos they no longer wanted. 


23:53- At age seventeen, Knight caught a robbery charge while taking Xanax and hanging around the wrong crowd. 


26:35- Taking LSD brought Knight closer to God. 


29:44- Knight is training with American Top Team led by coach Dan Lambert in Coconut Creek, Florida to prepare for his August 27th fight. 


34:52- The worst part about bare knuckle boxing for Knight was hurting his hands. 


37:51- Patton recommends reading Think & Grow Rich and Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill. 


40:05- Having his first kid at nineteen, Knight knows what it means to sacrifice to be able to provide for his family. 


43:18- “I feel like I’m unstoppable right now.” (Knight)


45:29- Having more heart in the game outweighs an opponents similar skill set. 


49:12- Knight has three kids: a five, six and nine year old. 


52:09- “I either go out there and get better, or get run over.” (Knight)


53:28- Knight takes protein, super greens, a multi vitamin and BCAA’s daily to stay optimal. 


55:25- One month out from a fight, Knight will cut out fast food and sweets and will home cook all his meals. 


59:08- Once Patton learned about conspiracy theories regarding the United States Army and big oil, he became disillusioned. 


1:03:05- Knight believes if you’re outdoors working or training, you should be wearing SHEATH. 

How to Win at Carving Your Own Lane w/ Mark Normand

How to Win at Carving Your Own Lane w/ Mark Normand

August 15, 2021

For episode 6 of Season 5 Robert is joined by World Class Comedian Mark Normand. Mark began performing stand-up in his hometown New Orleans in 2006. He has performed across the United States and abroad and has appeared on Conan, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The two dive deeply into carving your own lane and building your career despite the inevitable setbacks and challenges.


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Show Notes:

1:41-Normand is often mistaken for an old man or a Jewish person because of his voice. 


2:16- Patton first discoverer Normand after hearing the Tuesday’s with Stories! & We Might Be Drunk podcasts. 


6:43- Normand will debut his first Netflix comedy special around Halloween and has amassed over seven million views on his YouTube special, Out to Lunch. 


9:47- After being kicked out of college three times, Normand was left with $800 and moved to New York to pursue comedy after feeling good about doing open mics. 


12:56- A lot of people will overthink the things they want to do and not take action. 


17:12- Comedy is more mainstream than acting because you don’t have to be great looking to be successful. 


21:19- After serving in the United States Army, Patton pursued a Master’s degree while working for a local tailor for free to develop design skills and perfect the first prototype of SHEATH. 


27:50- Patton’s favorite saying from Normand is, “To each his anal.”


30:27- Normand is recently engaged and is turning thirty eight month. 


32:32- Patton calls his wife Saint Stacy because she is very nice and giving and has helped foster hundreds of dogs, as well as help the deaf and blind. 


38:19- Normand thinks Dave Smith is weirdly handsome. 


41:56- ‘Fat Cat’ is the rye whiskey that Normand is releasing soon. 


43:59- “I basically have a comedy filter on my brain.” (Normand)


46:30- Cognitive fitness is very important to stay sharp and mindful. 


49:19- “Technology is getting better and people are getting worse.” (Normand)


53:47- One of the craziest moments in Normand’s life was when he opened for Jerry Seinfeld and got his phone number. 


55:37- One of the coolest things about comedy is that you can never crack it, there will still always be some mystery. 


59:00- Patton told a story at an open mic where he hit himself with his own car while he was delivering a pizza. 

Hold the Line of Hope w/ William Henry

Hold the Line of Hope w/ William Henry

August 8, 2021

For episode 5 of Season 5 Robert is joined by William Henry. William is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, art historian, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension. He has a unique ability to incorporate historical, religious, spiritual, scientific, archaeological and other forms of such knowledge into factually-based theories and conclusions that provide the layperson with a more in-depth understanding of the profound shift we are actually experiencing in our lifetime. During the podcast Robert and William dive into their respective spiritual views and our purpose here on earth. This one is special. Enjoy.


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Show Notes:

1:00- Henry has been researching ascended masters since 2000. 


2:47- Something that brings great joy to Henry is looking at all the great art associated with ascension. 


5:06- Patton has been on the path to reach an ascended level consciousness since 2012. 


8:46- Humans have an activated neocortex that makes us about one percent different from primates resulting in having civilizations. 


11:45- We’re all one. 


13:14- “In the esoteric tradition, esoteric Judaism, the coats of skin are human skins, because we orginally were not in flesh and blood bodies, we were in bodies made of pure light and pure love.” (Henry)


14:50- Henry has a workshop online called: Awakening The Pearl.


17:40- One of Patton’s most vivid psychedelic trips was going through a bunch of colorful doors that led to a glass house and when he was there, he encountered these jester like beings who were drinking tea and one of them even told him to shush and said, “we have this under control.”


20:50- The geography of the after life is very fascinating, what happens to our bodies once we die. 


21:48- Henry has visited Egypt with his wife twenty three times. 


27:42- Instead of asking what is a successful person, consider asking, what is a fully functioning human being ?


30:21- Do more than is asked of you and be more of a giver. 


32:12- You have to build neurocircuits that are reflective of your ultimate highest self. 


37:00- The world needs higher frequencies now more than ever with the increasing production of artificial intelligence. 


40:30- Samsung are making Neons, which are artificial humans. 


46:13- The Merkabah can be interpreted as a chair and energy field that surrounds the body. 


50:15- You can’t take away humanity and the soul, we must value our divine energy. 


54:13- “We all individually have specific things we know we need to be doing, to move the needle from that 240 mark where I talked about, up to closer to 360.” (Henry commenting on wholeness)


58:30- Using the energy of the time can help to activate us and ascend. 


1:00:40- The center of Tibetan Buddhism is wanting to connect with our true nature, our Buddha nature. 


1:03:16- “It’s like the symphony, you can’t all be flutes and violins, you gotta have that bass drum and tuba.” (Henry)


UFC: The World’s New Favorite Sport w/ Justin Douillard

UFC: The World’s New Favorite Sport w/ Justin Douillard

July 31, 2021

For episode 4 of Season 5 Robert is joined by Justin Douillard. Justin is the host of the Authentic Podcast and is an avid UFC fan. During the show the two discuss the intricacies of the UFC, what is it like to run a podcast, determination in business ventures, and much more.  


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Show Notes:

1:05- Douillard hosts a podcast called, Authentic with Justin Douillard. His most recent guest was Bruce Buffer, the face of the octagon. 


6:11- Sometimes the sport of fighting can be good for someone to stay on track with their health, but it can take away a lot of family time. 


7:47- Patton’s wife wants to see more drama added into The Ultimate Fighter. 


9:33- Joe Rogan thinks weight cutting is legalized cheating. 


14:40- The way Conor McGregor handled the pain from his leg snapping at his most recent fight was incredible. 


18:22- McGregor was in phenomenal shape for his fight against Cowboy Cerrone, which he won via KO in less than a minute in the first round. 


22:49- Podcasting helped give people a voice to be heard, unlike the radio which was more limited and restrictive. 


25:30- Patton uses Zencastr and Zoom for his podcasting. 


33:35- Communication is essential for scheduling guests who might have very limited time or can’t meet in person. 


36:18- One of Patton’s least favorite things to do is go to the dentist. 


40:45- Pete & Pedro are one of the sponsors of Authentic with Justin Douillard.


47:15- Talking used to be a skill that Patton didn’t have much stamina for, but is building it up with hours and hours of conversation. 


54:20- You need to take chances for the things you want to do. 


57:02- Douillard and his wife are currently doing the 75 HARD Challenge and on day fifty-five. 


1:02:29- “Wheat Belly” by William Davis, M.D. is the current book that Douillard is reading.


1:06:31- Patton is a big fan of the NELK Boys. 


1:11:35- Slapping in a fight can be highly effective to hurt and demoralize your opponent. 


1:16:23- A lot of people want money up front and don’t want to work for free even when it can be beneficial in the long run. 


1:21:50- Patton and Douillard are both fans of comedian Theo Von. 


1:26:30- College golf and wrestling are two sports that Sheath is interested in sponsoring. 


1:34:05- Oklahoma University and The University of Texas at Austin have an intense football rivalry. 

Being A Servant Leader w/ Jacob Parga

Being A Servant Leader w/ Jacob Parga

July 28, 2021

For episode 3 of Season 5 Robert is joined by Jacob Parga, Marketing Director at Iridium Sports Agency and MMA Fighter. The two delve into topics like the ever-changing world of sports, UFC fights, productivity, entrepreneurship and more. Most noteably the two bond over how to achieve and maintain success through a Servant Leadership Attitude. Dive in! 

Find Jacob:


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Show Notes:

1:04- “He’s like the Jerry Maguire of MMA.” (Patton referencing Parga)


2:24- Parga is the Marketing Director at Iridium Sports Agency.


4:45- There is a lot of gratitude in the sport of MMA. 


6:06- Patton just bought stock in EDR, who owns the UFC. 


10:07- One of the new collaboration designs of Sheath is with Cowboy Cerrone to produce a “BMF Ranch” pair. 


11:31- Parga played college football and graduated from the University of La Verne. Instead of going to law school, he began to learn more about the sports agency industry from mutual friends in various athletic organizations. 


18:00- Flyweight UFC fighter Brandon Moreno became sponsored by Sheath after being referred by Parga. 


20:56- James Krause is a role model in the UFC as a coach and athlete.


21:42- “My life slightly revolves around fighting.” (Patton)


27:44- Iridium Sports Agency just celebrated its twelfth anniversary. 


34:21- Kickstarter helped get Sheath off the ground in 2013. Patton worked with a Vietnamese tailor for nearly a year to continue developing the right design. 


35:32- “You gotta build relationships with your people, I’m a big proponent of that.” (Parga)


39:30- Parga listen to Riff Raff’s music heavily during his senior year in college. 


46:02- There was an individual from the Netherlands who requested a speciality ketchup in his Sheath order, and it was fulfilled. 


47:27- “I think if you serve and give to others, you’re gonna get it back in return.” (Parga)


51:22- Patton played basketball for four hours a day from age nine to seventeen.


57:39- Most of Parga’s family served in the military or police department. 


1:00:18- Parga did his undergraduate thesis on service leadership. 


1:05:04- Brandon Moreno fights Deiveson Figueiredo June 12th for the UFC flyweight championship. 

Men’s Mental Health Awareness w/ Zach Jewell

Men’s Mental Health Awareness w/ Zach Jewell

July 22, 2021

Welcome to Season 5 of RPG! For Episode 2 Robert is joined by Zach Jewell, founder of Into The Dark Blue, an organization focused on shedding light on Men's Mental Health. In the discussion the two discuss the mission of ITDB, the role of alcohol in modern America, plant medicines, Zach's upcoming tour and much more.


Find Zach:


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Show Notes:

1:33- Into The Dark Blue is a men’s mental health network that meets at breweries across the nation to have a safe space to talk about issues. 


3:30- The first stop in his mental health awareness tour will be at Ohana Kava Bar in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 


5:21- Just giving a stranger eye contact and a smile could make their day better. 


7:37- The goal for the men’s meetups would be to have an in house therapist at each brewery to help guide the experience. 


8:42- “All of us have ups and downs.” (Patton)


12:40- “If the consciousness or spirit doesn’t have an actual shell to live in, its just kind of all over the place.” (Jewell)


16:30- There is more of a mental war going on than a physical one for most people. 


24:25- A fan of SHEATH really enjoyed the branding of Into The Dark Blue and wants to make a custom commercial where he is going into the blue water and ice of Antarctica. 


28:35- Sometimes we have to deal with imposter syndrome. 


31:10- Sante Fe, New Mexico will be one of the stops for the Into The Dark Blue tour. Sheath will be one of the sponsors for the August and September tour. 


34:34- Bike rides are one of the community based aspects of the meet up. 


37:35- A lot of times people blame other people for their problems instead of identifying they are causing the majority of issues. 


42:05- Into The Dark Blue will start adding memberships next year where you can get an annual gift box with exclusive beer and merchandise. 


45:31- “If you see a good thing, promote it.” (Jewell) 


48:47- Dealing with stress makes you appreciate the times that are not stressful. 


51:02- There are different attachment styles when it comes to a relationship, sometimes we can be overly anxious or detached. 


55:45- It’s important to ask friends if they’re okay whenever they are being rude or acting abnormal. 


59:01- Becoming a better observer can help keep the ego in check. 

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