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Hold the Line of Hope w/ William Henry

Hold the Line of Hope w/ William Henry

August 8, 2021

For episode 5 of Season 5 Robert is joined by William Henry. William is a Nashville-based author, investigative mythologist, art historian, and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension. He has a unique ability to incorporate historical, religious, spiritual, scientific, archaeological and other forms of such knowledge into factually-based theories and conclusions that provide the layperson with a more in-depth understanding of the profound shift we are actually experiencing in our lifetime. During the podcast Robert and William dive into their respective spiritual views and our purpose here on earth. This one is special. Enjoy.


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Show Notes:

1:00- Henry has been researching ascended masters since 2000. 


2:47- Something that brings great joy to Henry is looking at all the great art associated with ascension. 


5:06- Patton has been on the path to reach an ascended level consciousness since 2012. 


8:46- Humans have an activated neocortex that makes us about one percent different from primates resulting in having civilizations. 


11:45- We’re all one. 


13:14- “In the esoteric tradition, esoteric Judaism, the coats of skin are human skins, because we orginally were not in flesh and blood bodies, we were in bodies made of pure light and pure love.” (Henry)


14:50- Henry has a workshop online called: Awakening The Pearl.


17:40- One of Patton’s most vivid psychedelic trips was going through a bunch of colorful doors that led to a glass house and when he was there, he encountered these jester like beings who were drinking tea and one of them even told him to shush and said, “we have this under control.”


20:50- The geography of the after life is very fascinating, what happens to our bodies once we die. 


21:48- Henry has visited Egypt with his wife twenty three times. 


27:42- Instead of asking what is a successful person, consider asking, what is a fully functioning human being ?


30:21- Do more than is asked of you and be more of a giver. 


32:12- You have to build neurocircuits that are reflective of your ultimate highest self. 


37:00- The world needs higher frequencies now more than ever with the increasing production of artificial intelligence. 


40:30- Samsung are making Neons, which are artificial humans. 


46:13- The Merkabah can be interpreted as a chair and energy field that surrounds the body. 


50:15- You can’t take away humanity and the soul, we must value our divine energy. 


54:13- “We all individually have specific things we know we need to be doing, to move the needle from that 240 mark where I talked about, up to closer to 360.” (Henry commenting on wholeness)


58:30- Using the energy of the time can help to activate us and ascend. 


1:00:40- The center of Tibetan Buddhism is wanting to connect with our true nature, our Buddha nature. 


1:03:16- “It’s like the symphony, you can’t all be flutes and violins, you gotta have that bass drum and tuba.” (Henry)


UFC: The World’s New Favorite Sport w/ Justin Douillard

UFC: The World’s New Favorite Sport w/ Justin Douillard

July 31, 2021

For episode 4 of Season 5 Robert is joined by Justin Douillard. Justin is the host of the Authentic Podcast and is an avid UFC fan. During the show the two discuss the intricacies of the UFC, what is it like to run a podcast, determination in business ventures, and much more.  


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Show Notes:

1:05- Douillard hosts a podcast called, Authentic with Justin Douillard. His most recent guest was Bruce Buffer, the face of the octagon. 


6:11- Sometimes the sport of fighting can be good for someone to stay on track with their health, but it can take away a lot of family time. 


7:47- Patton’s wife wants to see more drama added into The Ultimate Fighter. 


9:33- Joe Rogan thinks weight cutting is legalized cheating. 


14:40- The way Conor McGregor handled the pain from his leg snapping at his most recent fight was incredible. 


18:22- McGregor was in phenomenal shape for his fight against Cowboy Cerrone, which he won via KO in less than a minute in the first round. 


22:49- Podcasting helped give people a voice to be heard, unlike the radio which was more limited and restrictive. 


25:30- Patton uses Zencastr and Zoom for his podcasting. 


33:35- Communication is essential for scheduling guests who might have very limited time or can’t meet in person. 


36:18- One of Patton’s least favorite things to do is go to the dentist. 


40:45- Pete & Pedro are one of the sponsors of Authentic with Justin Douillard.


47:15- Talking used to be a skill that Patton didn’t have much stamina for, but is building it up with hours and hours of conversation. 


54:20- You need to take chances for the things you want to do. 


57:02- Douillard and his wife are currently doing the 75 HARD Challenge and on day fifty-five. 


1:02:29- “Wheat Belly” by William Davis, M.D. is the current book that Douillard is reading.


1:06:31- Patton is a big fan of the NELK Boys. 


1:11:35- Slapping in a fight can be highly effective to hurt and demoralize your opponent. 


1:16:23- A lot of people want money up front and don’t want to work for free even when it can be beneficial in the long run. 


1:21:50- Patton and Douillard are both fans of comedian Theo Von. 


1:26:30- College golf and wrestling are two sports that Sheath is interested in sponsoring. 


1:34:05- Oklahoma University and The University of Texas at Austin have an intense football rivalry. 

Being A Servant Leader w/ Jacob Parga

Being A Servant Leader w/ Jacob Parga

July 28, 2021

For episode 3 of Season 5 Robert is joined by Jacob Parga, Marketing Director at Iridium Sports Agency and MMA Fighter. The two delve into topics like the ever-changing world of sports, UFC fights, productivity, entrepreneurship and more. Most noteably the two bond over how to achieve and maintain success through a Servant Leadership Attitude. Dive in! 

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Show Notes:

1:04- “He’s like the Jerry Maguire of MMA.” (Patton referencing Parga)


2:24- Parga is the Marketing Director at Iridium Sports Agency.


4:45- There is a lot of gratitude in the sport of MMA. 


6:06- Patton just bought stock in EDR, who owns the UFC. 


10:07- One of the new collaboration designs of Sheath is with Cowboy Cerrone to produce a “BMF Ranch” pair. 


11:31- Parga played college football and graduated from the University of La Verne. Instead of going to law school, he began to learn more about the sports agency industry from mutual friends in various athletic organizations. 


18:00- Flyweight UFC fighter Brandon Moreno became sponsored by Sheath after being referred by Parga. 


20:56- James Krause is a role model in the UFC as a coach and athlete.


21:42- “My life slightly revolves around fighting.” (Patton)


27:44- Iridium Sports Agency just celebrated its twelfth anniversary. 


34:21- Kickstarter helped get Sheath off the ground in 2013. Patton worked with a Vietnamese tailor for nearly a year to continue developing the right design. 


35:32- “You gotta build relationships with your people, I’m a big proponent of that.” (Parga)


39:30- Parga listen to Riff Raff’s music heavily during his senior year in college. 


46:02- There was an individual from the Netherlands who requested a speciality ketchup in his Sheath order, and it was fulfilled. 


47:27- “I think if you serve and give to others, you’re gonna get it back in return.” (Parga)


51:22- Patton played basketball for four hours a day from age nine to seventeen.


57:39- Most of Parga’s family served in the military or police department. 


1:00:18- Parga did his undergraduate thesis on service leadership. 


1:05:04- Brandon Moreno fights Deiveson Figueiredo June 12th for the UFC flyweight championship. 

Men’s Mental Health Awareness w/ Zach Jewell

Men’s Mental Health Awareness w/ Zach Jewell

July 22, 2021

Welcome to Season 5 of RPG! For Episode 2 Robert is joined by Zach Jewell, founder of Into The Dark Blue, an organization focused on shedding light on Men's Mental Health. In the discussion the two discuss the mission of ITDB, the role of alcohol in modern America, plant medicines, Zach's upcoming tour and much more.


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Show Notes:

1:33- Into The Dark Blue is a men’s mental health network that meets at breweries across the nation to have a safe space to talk about issues. 


3:30- The first stop in his mental health awareness tour will be at Ohana Kava Bar in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 


5:21- Just giving a stranger eye contact and a smile could make their day better. 


7:37- The goal for the men’s meetups would be to have an in house therapist at each brewery to help guide the experience. 


8:42- “All of us have ups and downs.” (Patton)


12:40- “If the consciousness or spirit doesn’t have an actual shell to live in, its just kind of all over the place.” (Jewell)


16:30- There is more of a mental war going on than a physical one for most people. 


24:25- A fan of SHEATH really enjoyed the branding of Into The Dark Blue and wants to make a custom commercial where he is going into the blue water and ice of Antarctica. 


28:35- Sometimes we have to deal with imposter syndrome. 


31:10- Sante Fe, New Mexico will be one of the stops for the Into The Dark Blue tour. Sheath will be one of the sponsors for the August and September tour. 


34:34- Bike rides are one of the community based aspects of the meet up. 


37:35- A lot of times people blame other people for their problems instead of identifying they are causing the majority of issues. 


42:05- Into The Dark Blue will start adding memberships next year where you can get an annual gift box with exclusive beer and merchandise. 


45:31- “If you see a good thing, promote it.” (Jewell) 


48:47- Dealing with stress makes you appreciate the times that are not stressful. 


51:02- There are different attachment styles when it comes to a relationship, sometimes we can be overly anxious or detached. 


55:45- It’s important to ask friends if they’re okay whenever they are being rude or acting abnormal. 


59:01- Becoming a better observer can help keep the ego in check. 

Michael Malice is a SHEATH Underwear Model

Michael Malice is a SHEATH Underwear Model

July 14, 2021

Welcome to Season 5 of RPG! For Episode 1 Robert is joined by author and podcaster, Michael Malice for the unveiling of the recent collaboration between Malice and Robert's company SHEATH. In the discussion they make the announcement, and begin designing the exclusive Malice signature pair of SHEATH. They also discuss Malice's recent book The Anarchist Handbook, entrepreneurship, and more.


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Show Notes:

0:55- Malice recently did a modeling potshot in Sheath Underwear and felt confident because he put in consistent effort with training and diet to look his best. 


1:09- He is the host of YOUR WELCOME and a New York Times bestseller with his newest release, The Anarchist Handbook.

6:07- There is going to be a new collaboration design between Malice and SHEATH. 


10:01- One of the considerations for the color scheme would be based off the Pristigenys, a genus of marine ray-finned fish. 


13:42- The first time Patton heard about Malice was when he found episode of Cash Cab on YouTube. 


15:05- Malice’s first television appearance was in the fifth grade at the Brooklyn city spelling bee where he was asked to to spell the word ‘Noontide’. 


17:36- “Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il” is the book Malice wrote about North Korean culture and their perspective on propaganda. 


25:03- People are beginning to wake up the reality that the news media doesn’t always have the best intention with the information being broadcasted. 


29:25- Patton enjoys getting his news content from podcasts and internet sources, he feels that the mainstream media isn’t quality. 


31:22- Investing in cryptocurrencies is something Patton and Malice have in common. 


31:42- Malice will be moving to Austin, Texas very soon. 


33:24- Malice’s 2012 Kickstarter campaign for Dear Reader generated thirty thousand dollars. 


37:58- “I feel like I’m in a dream sometimes.” (Malice) 


43:30- Malice has the Garbage Pail Kids comic book series. 


47:00- Communication is a lifelong skill that Patton has improved quite well with the help of podcasting and learning from trial and error. 


52:00- Protecting our freedoms is of the highest value to Patton and Malice. 


56:10- The Pine Cone Fish (Black/Yellow) is another possibility for the pattern on the collaboration design pair. 


59:20- Malice has a few hundred shaving soaps and thirty pairs of jeans along with two hundred succulents inside his home. 


1:01:23- The limited edition pairs of SHEATH produced range from two to three thousand.

Memory Lane w/ Eddy Torres

Memory Lane w/ Eddy Torres

July 4, 2021

For Episode 11 of Season 4 Robert is joined by Eddy Torres, host of the RRBG Podcast. The two catch up and travel down memory lane, exchanging stories unique to their respective paths. This episode is a swap cast with RRBG Podcast, linked below. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

0:32- Torres has been spending too much time with his wife playing the video game, Fallout 77. 


1:31- The most recent show Patton has been watching is Queen of the South on Netflix. 


3:11- The Rock & Roll Beer Guy (RRBG) is the podcast that Torres runs.


6:05- Patton has always wanted to be a radio talk show host. 


7:42- Torres grew up in New Jersey for about fifteen years before involuntarily moving to Miami, Florida. 


9:31- After staying in Miami for twenty years and pursuing touring in a death metal band, he now lives in Los Angeles, California. 


11:37- Torres grew up playing a lot of baseball because of the cultural influence of New Jersey and being Cuban. He started in first base and then moved onto the outfield. Another main sport he participated in was wrestling. 


18:14- When he was thirteen, Torres unintentionally took LSD and didn’t have a good time. 


20:28- Smoking Cannabis was something that got reintroduced to Torres after high school when a friend rolled him a big blunt and took him to the car wash where they listened to Radiohead. Later he experimented with Cocaine which ended up leaving him homeless and working a crappy job. 


23:58- After ending up in the hospital from a three day Cocaine bing, Torres decided to had to quit this terrible habit that had been with him for over six months. 


26:15- Torres will drink Kava from time to time to relax but cannot stand the taste. 


30:30- Sometimes Torres and Patton will use cannabis that is high in CBD and low in THC. 


32:12- After serving fourth months in a Georgia detention center, Patton decided to clean up his act and cut the bad drugs out. 


34:54- “Tell me who you’re with and I’ll tell you who you are.” (Old Cuban saying) 


37:30- Whenever Torres was a beer seller, he found himself having nearly eight drinks by the end of the day. The need to drink water and stay hydrated all day long was mandatory to avoid feeling bad. 


40:50- Torres is a big fan of UFC fighter Nate Diaz. 


41:45- Patton laughs after he talks about Diaz forgetting the name of the NELK Boys new hard seltzer, Happy Dad in a post fight interview. 


44:00- Weight training is something that causes Torres to be more susceptible to injury so he chooses to do Yoga and other mobility based strength training. 


49:22- Meditation and hypnosis are great tools to help relax and train your brain muscle to avoid overstimulation. 


50:31- “It’s so important to let your brain rest and grow.” (Torres)


55:26- “I’ve never felt racism until he was in office.” (Torres reflecting on the Trump presidency)


59:41- Torres knew many people in the service industry who were forced into unemployment due to COVID-19. 


1:02:10- Patton identifies most as a Libertarian and believes Dave Smith will run for President in 2024. 


1:05:26- One of Torres’s main obsessions is the Japanese language, he took classes in high school. 


1:11:12- Denver recently decriminalized psilocybin mushrooms. 


1:15:39- “Be ready to defend yourself but don’t go out and attack people.” (Torres) 


1:18:12- “How much can you really know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?” (Fight Club) 


1:25:25- Making fun of yourself can be great therapy. 


1:28:50- Torres is in the works on getting a live show going at The Comedy Store, he lives only eight minutes away. 


1:29:18- Torres just released a collaboration beer with Cosmic Eye Brewing out of Lincoln, Nebraska, a light Lager called I Don’t Really Listen To Podcasts.


Microdosing & 5-MeO-DMT w/ Matt Xian

Microdosing & 5-MeO-DMT w/ Matt Xian

June 28, 2021

For Episode 10 of Season 4 Robert is joined by his younger brother and business partner Matt Xian. The two dive deeply into psychedelics, spirituality and the wholistic lifestyle. Matt discusses Microdosing and his recent experience with the most powerful psychedelic known to man, 5-MeO-DMT. 

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Show Notes:

1:47- Patton enjoys taking new friends to the Kava bar to see their reaction to a different style of drinking and going out. 

2:52- “Microdosing is a sub perceptual dose of a psychedelic or plant medicine.” (Xian)

6:10- Anti aging techniques and conspiracies involving DMT with the elite are discussed. 

8:06- In Yoga, the Drishti is the focal point. 

9:45- Patton is sleeping much better after using hypnotherapy and working out regularly. 

11:33- “Hypnosis is like a guided meditation and it is so relaxing.” (Patton)

16:13- Laughter is medicine, and when you add in proper diet and exercise, it can be very beneficial. 

18:30- Using an ice bath in a community setting on a hot day makes the experience much easier. 

23:30- The largest urban home is in Los Angeles, California and is 105,000 square feet. 

26:16- Tony Robbins experienced 5-MeO-DMT, also know as Toad medicine.

28:50- Another big celebrity to endorse plant medicines has been Mike Tyson, recently going on the Impaulsive podcast and eating four grams of psilocybin mushrooms. 

33:24- “Sometimes we have to learn to not take things so seriously.” (Xian)

37:20- Nearly everyone has a deep-seated trauma that they are not even aware of. 

40:00- Kambo is a warrior medicine that has been used by hunters for many years. 

42:23- Moderation and respect for the plant medicine is essential to the experience. 

44:58- Alfred Most is famous for bringing awareness to toad medicine. 

46:26- “It hit in like five seconds, then there was this overwhelming whoa, and I kept saying whoa for almost five minutes straight while laying on my back.” (Xian on his toad medicine experience)

48:33- The automated habits we have when waking up were altered the next day after the experience with the toad medicine. 

55:35- Consuming too much social media can be very harmful for your mental health, a technique to combat that is dopamine fasting where you don’t consume any online stimuli. 

1:03:00- “Comparison is the thief of joy.” (Xian reflecting on overuse of social media)

1:04:38- Having a positive outdoor environment for the community is a good way to facilitate play and unplugging from our devices. 

1:07:25- Going through an obstacle course is a fun way to compete with friends outside of strength based assessments like weight lifting. 


It’s Bulk Season w/ Steven Samadhi

It’s Bulk Season w/ Steven Samadhi

June 13, 2021

For Episode 9 of Season 4 Robert is joined by long time friend Steven Samadhi. Steven is a Fitness Model, Physical Trainer / Coach, Yoga & Breathwork Teacher, Creative Director and Musician. He is also a member of the SHEATH Creative Operations team. In this discussion Robert and Steven discuss the adventure that is the SHEATH lifestyle, weighlifting, staying positive through thick and thin, and much more.

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Show Notes:

2:22- After five years of doing stand up comedy open mics and local shows and not achieving success, Samadhi made the transition to doing funny skits for Sheath. 

3:30- “You don’t have to be on stage to be funny and a comedian.” (Patton)

5:24- When you become stronger, in a way you do become more gentle. You don’t have to compete with others, you just want to get better everyday. 

6:40- Samadhi has been sending Patton custom workouts that include more sets and supersets to increase intensity and hypertrophy. 

7:35- After thinking he was ready over a year ago, Samadhi finally set his goal of competing in his first Men’s Physique show August 21st in Austin, Texas. Austin “Beezy” Burge is his prep coach. 

8:55- Patton incorporates Wim Hof breathing method into his weight lifting workouts to stay energized and focused. 

11:00- Samadhi recently took a mobility course with Sammy Sandoval who is certified steel mace, kettlebell and mobility through the Onnit Academy, he coaches at Your Fitness 365 and the Submission Concepts gym in San Antonio, Texas. 

17:04- Patton uses the Pso-Rite to keep his abdominals and hip complex from becoming too tight.

19:39- Samadhi has been working with Sheath full time since May 2020, his roles include creative directing, customer service and sales. 

22:52- Before taking fitness more seriously, Samadhi used to only do three sets of eight reps for each exercise, just barely maintaining muscle. 

23:48- The start of his pull day workout consists of six sets of pull ups to failure. 

24:35- “If you are not eating enough, you are just literally not going to gain the muscle.” (Samadhi)

27:25- Patton uses an Arc elliptical machine for 20-30 minutes to hit his cardio goals. 

29:00- The current cardio prep for Samadhi is incline walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes, five days a week. 

32:20- Heart rate variability is something Patton tracks to make sure his performance level is maintained during exercise. 

35:38- “Own your life, don’t be miserable.” (Samadhi)

40:31- One of the most fun skits Sheath has done was when Samadhi chopped a jackfruit in half with a samurai sword. 

45:00- Playing chess can be a great way to workout your brain and ease trauma. 

53:30- Whenever you order produce, it is important to be mindful of the expiration date. 

53:11- After being vegan for two years, Samadhi introduced meat back into his diet and noticed more energy and strength gains. The vegan diet has many benefits but didn’t allow him to put on more muscle. 

57:30- Samadhi breaks down his new diet where he eating earlier in the day and more often to be in a calorie surplus. 

1:01:20- L-Theanine is an amino acid that Samadhi and Patton use to stay optimal and avoid brain fog. 

Forged in Fire w/ Wayne Meligan

Forged in Fire w/ Wayne Meligan

May 26, 2021

For Episode 8 of Season 4 Robert is joined by Wayne Meligan, professional bladesmith, who appeared on the popular TV Show Forged in Fire. The conversation begins with discussing the intricacies of blade smithing, his experience on Forged in Fire, and what resulted from his appearance there. They two also discuss finding a craft you love and sticking to it, among many more deep topics.

Find Wayne: 


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Show Notes:

0:50- Meligan was featured on season six of Forged in Fire which aired August 2019. 

1:51- On his property, Meligan has a separate 1,500 square foot house that he uses for his blade smith work and a pirate bar to enjoy afterwards.

4:53- The bar is called the Pirate Forge and is located on the coast of Florida. Meligan started blade smith work in 2017. 

6:35- After receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, Meligan led a 26 bed ICU CVI open heart unit for twelve years. 

9:07- Meligan is forging a sword and Bowie knife out of meteorite.

10:34- There are multiple burns and scars on Meligan because of the dangerous process of forging. 

14:35- Even with just 1.5 years of experience, Meligan was able to out compete others with 30+ years.

16:02- Patton & Meligan both love a good cup of black coffee. 

19:42- “The thing is man, we’re only here, we get one shot at this life, don’t piss it away. Don’t waste it. If it’s a book, make it a book worth reading.” (Meligan)

24:45- There is enough room for us all to be successful and eat together. 

27:07- It has been just over two years since Melgian has been working full time. Eventually he would like to have his own production of knives on the market. 

31:20- Meligan thinks that Colorado is scary even though he has wrestled Alligators and Water Moccasins in Florida.  

35:10- You only stay at the top of the mountain for a minute, the journey is the best part. 

38:00- Pensacola beach is one of the best in Florida. 

39:47- “If you make your home like paradise, you feel like you don’t need to vacation.” (Meligan)

41:40- Meligan and his wife have one son, a German Shepherd and a mutt. 

46:41- You have to take risks so that you don’t hold yourself back and have regrets when you’re old. 

51:21- High intensity weight training five days a week for an hour to an hour and a half is how Meligan stays fit. 

54:17- Being happy with yourself is more important than having a bunch of money. 

57:10- There is always someone who had it harder than you, but still makes a successful life. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work w/ David Acosta

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work w/ David Acosta

May 19, 2021

For Episode 7 of Season 4 Robert is joined by David Acosta, professional Twitch Streamer and SHEATH Content Producer. The two discuss the importance of team work, excercise, fine tuning lifestyle choices and using momentum to carry your mission forward.

Find David: 


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Show Notes:

0:52- Acosta tells us he turns thirty in two weeks after Patton mentions he has been feeling old lately. 

2:42- You must have a strong work ethic to be successful with anything you do. 

3:10- Acosta is the producer for the RPG Podcast and the Sheath Twitch channel. 

5:15- When you have a team that works in harmony and cares for everyone, you will achieve success much quicker because the work and goals accomplished will bring fun and excitement. 

8:18- “Cycling really taught me how to push past a certain point.” (Acosta)

10:10- Whenever Patton was ever feeling sluggish or off, he would use running to get his positive momentum up. 

12:57- Every single day you have to make the decision to be happy. 

14:25- “Anyone can be shitty at some point in time, including me.” (Patton)

18:00- Wim Hof breathing method can be a great way to move on when you have negative thoughts. 

22:44- Understanding your heart rate variability is important for everyone, not just athletes. 

26:00- Patton has been streaming his chess games on Twitch for over three months. 

29:36- Whenever you’re doing all the work and not cutting corners, you will excel past others who want instant gratification. 

34:00- Having a close group of people that you trust and can get advice from is priceless. 

35:20- “You don’t get to have an opinion about factual stuff.” (Acosta) 

42:00- People will try to spread lies about others all the time whenever they don’t like themselves and are bored. 

46:52- In six weeks, the Sheath TikTok channel has grown from 26 followers to over 400. 

52:00- You can always try again tomorrow whenever you fall short on pushing yourself to your limit. 

56:55- “I make the decision to be better or worse.” (Acosta) 

1:01:38- You have to use teamwork to be able to make anything great.

1:03:35- Decide to be pleasant and fit and hard working and success will follow. 

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