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The Pathway to Becoming Pro w/ Austin Burge

The Pathway to Becoming Pro w/ Austin Burge

November 23, 2020

On this episode Robert sits down with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Austin Burge. The two discuss how Austin got started in weightlifting, diet, routine and the principles of success, among many other interesting topics.

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Show Notes:

0:29- Austin Burge is a Classic Physique bodybuilder (becoming IFBB Pro 3 weeks after this podcast) who first worked with SHEATH during a Kens5 news segment over two years ago.

1:29- Steven Wylie introduced Patton to Burge and is an aspiring bodybuilder. Using drop sets is the preferred method to keep the intensity high. Wylie recently worked out with Burge’s friend, Bartise who reported that ‘they both kicked each other’s asses in the gym’. Having a training partner that pushes you past your limits is priceless to grow and get out of your comfort zone. 

2:50- In high school, the original appeal of weight lifting was to get girls, by senior year it had become a primary passion over basketball. 

4:48- It became aware to Burge that he wanted to take it as far as he could and work day by day to become a pro. With the right information learned from the mistakes of his past show after placing third, Burge and his Coach, JoJo are confident of a top two finish for the NPC Nationals show in Charleston, South Carolina. 

7:06- Burge is in no rush to make it to the Olympia anytime soon, he wants to focus on resting and recovering to come back even better for future shows. 

9:00- The concept of muscle maturity is discussed in detail and the foundation of eating more to maintain mass and strength. 

11:54- The body has to adapt to many changes including caloric intake and rest after the completion of a show. 

14:00- Cardio is something that Burge does on the off season for a variety of health reasons. Yoga is something that he wants to eventually add into his routine after his show is done. Stretching is something that he wants to improve upon to advance recovery and improve posing. 

17:30- Burge encourages rest days with good food and video games if you’re feeling exhausted and need to relax. Some of Burge’s favorite games are Call of Duty, NBA2K, Rocket League and Fall Guys. 

20:00- During prep training season, Burge will sleep for a full eight hours but sometimes will get less to wake up earlier and eat more food. 

25:17- Having a competitive spirit is what has pushed Burge further in the sport of bodybuilding.

29:34- During the off season, Burge will eat more food and only do cardio twice a week for twenty minutes, for prep it switches to a calorie deficit and cardio daily for thirty minutes. 

32:18- “You gotta go through the grind.” (Burge) 

34:25- Knowing that you and the people in your life are healthy is one of the truest measures of success. 

37:42- Patton resonates with the power of magic, especially after reading Think & Grow Rich at age 23. 

40:15- People have tried to throw their negativity at Burge with saying things like, “You’re too big..”. But he reminds them that he is doing  it to please himself, not others. 

42:30- Burge completed the Fire Academy back in the Spring and needs to take one more exam to become a registered EMT. 

45:55- Being a firefighter seemed like the right fit because Burge wasn’t interested in the office life or being a server. 

48:00- “Putting my happiness first .. whatever that may be.” (Burge) 

51:36- Burge recommends long dumbbell lunges, barbell squats and hip thrusts to grow your Glutes. 

55:55- Patton wasn’t gifted with great genetics but has heart and determination. 

57:28- “Get off my team if you’re not trying to win.” (Burge)

59:20- Surrounding yourself with intelligent people with help you develop faster and expose yourself to new ways of thinking to help you improve overall. 

1:01:15- Burge wants to get into boxing after his show to challenge himself to new things. 

Martial Arts as a Spiritual Path w/ Jason Grechanik

Martial Arts as a Spiritual Path w/ Jason Grechanik

November 16, 2020

On this episode Robert sits down with Jason Grechanik, plant medicine facilitator and host of the Universe Within Podcast. The two discuss the spiritual path, martial arts, plant medicine, healing and the current state of society. This is one for the books. 

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Show Notes:

0:38- Grechanik is involved in the spiritual community and was referred to Patton by Mike Brancatelli via Matt Xian.

2:30- Patton & Grechanik identify as Libertarians and share their views on politics.

4:35- Plant medicines are a huge interest for Grechanik, and believes they are great potential for healing pain beyond the physical.

7:00- Grechanik has worked and lived in Peru for the past eight years assisting with plant medicine ceremonies.

13:38- One of Grechanik’s favorite books is “Enlightenment Now” by Steven Pinker.

14:35- Ju Jitsu is one of my Grechanik’s favorite things to do for promoting humility and strength.

17:44- Many people don’t go through real challenges so they never discover their true potential. Patton encourages people to practice Martial Arts because it is so gratifying and feels good.

20:27- The Shipibo people of the Amazon are referred to as “Warriors” when they work through the plant medicine ceremonies, one of the things they love doing is wrestling each other while under the influence.

24:24- Patton believes that fighting your enemy without guns would lead to less violence overall. He is pro gun but knows that it needs to be more regulated.

27:23- Tai Chi is discussed during the belief that ‘Movement is medicine’.  Patton prefers Qi-Gong and Tai Chi over Yoga because he feels stronger afterwards and not too relaxed.

30:33- Patton explains the story of him smoking DMT and experiencing another dimension that he wasn’t supposed to be apart of yet. It helped him to get over the fear of death.

37:50- The unknown terrifies many people, and we often forget that we are not separate from the universe.

42:50- Patton believes that it is very important not to impose your beliefs on others and to remain non aggressive.

47:45- You won’t promote change and be successful if you are always on social media complaining and fighting others.

50:03- One of Patton’s most recent mottos is, “Make people happy.”

56:00- Working on your relationships will help to promote positive within yourself. Patton recommends turning the TV off and going within to discover what you need to focus your intention on.

59:00- Surrounding yourself with positive influences will give you a support system to create positive actions.

1:01:23- With the COVID travel restrictions, Grechanik was unable to return home to the states but is hopeful that International Airlines will open back up in a few weeks.

1:04:50- Grechanik believes the War on Terror has nefarious ties to groups that want to control us with Draconian methods.

1:11:05- “In the United States you do not have to talk to a police officer.” (Grechanik) We often forget how great our freedom is compared to other countries.

1:14:25- “I think that’s really one of the key things, is to have principles and stand by those.” (Grechanik)

1:17:08- Censorship is a very slippery slope.

1:21:03- When someone has a differing opinion, that does not mean they are your enemy.

1:23:08- Plant medicines put you into a space to heal, but it is not an easy process, you have to die and rebirth into the stronger, more humble person.

The Life of a Marksman w/ Stetson Bardfield

The Life of a Marksman w/ Stetson Bardfield

November 13, 2020

On this episode Robert sits down with Stetson Bardfield to discuss training in marksmanship at the Olympic center, hunting, maintaining a positive mindset and much more. 

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Show Notes:

1:19- Stetson Bardfield is an Olympic  Marksman currently living at the Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center. Patton compares the UFC Performance Institute to the Center.

5:02- Bardfield has learned wrestling through his shooting spotter and regularly weight lifts to stay positive and become stronger despite his limited mobility.

7:59- Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita is the condition Bardfield was born with, where his body fused joints together in the womb.

10:54- One of Bardfield’s favorite things to do is spend time with people, others feel that he is very approachable and friendly.

12:10- Hunting and fishing are also some of his main passions, with recently bagging one Elk and a couple Antelopes.

15:36- The discussion of “You are what you eat” is reviewed deeply.

17:57- May 2021 is when Bardfield competes again in Lima, Peru, last year he won Gold. The projectile during competition is a .177 caliber pellet, during practice he will shoot a minimum of 80 shots, sometimes maxing out at 300 shots.

24:19- Aside from training, Bardfield has worked as a tour guide at the Olympic Training Center.

26:44- “There’s so much more that unities us, than divides us.” (Patton)

29:30- In terms of self expression, Bardfield has recently released a song called “Oceanside” under his artist name, Catalyst. The track talks about the chaotic relationship with his mother, ultimately with him having to say goodbye to her.

37:37- Bardfield’s latest song showcases his willingness to talk about the reality of depression and ways we can help others who are suffering.

41:04- “You’re only as good as your last performance.” (Patton) Bardfield compares golfing and shooting in terms of concentration.

44:49- Bardfield has robotic prosthetics that help him walk, in the past, he had very limited equipment that made the experience very unpleasant.

48:50- The art of catalyzing is something that Bardfield embodies.

49:35- Patton’s favorite speakers are Napoleon Hill & Bob Proctor.

52:51- “We need something that pushes us to that next level.” (Bardfield)

54:30- Bardfield has done an ice bath twice and is not a huge fan, there is an ice bath and hot tub right next to each other at the Olympic Training Center.

57:02- Patton swears by ice baths to reduce inflammation and has stopped taking pain medication.

Horse-training and Therapy w/ Scott Purdum

Horse-training and Therapy w/ Scott Purdum

November 1, 2020

On this episode Robert sits down with Scott Purdum, owner of Advantage Horsemanship to discuss the link between therapy and animals, particularly horses. This episode is a must for animal lovers. You will learn a lot about how household animals can act as a reflection to humans and the many emotions we go through.

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Show Notes

1:09- Scott Purdum uses horses to help others with their mental health. He began horse riding at age three. He dropped out of college after only one year to decide to become a full time horse trainer.

3:47- Purdum believes horses are fantastic therapy because they teach you about yourself and the human mind.

5:55- Patton & Purdum both agree that the breath plays a huge role for your well being and communication skills.

8:08- The technique of breathing in four to seven seconds and breathing out four to seven seconds works best for Purdum.

10:20- Patton encourages Purdum to practice the Wim Hof Method for eleven minutes.

15:11- Getting into a cold shower after you have worked out is a strategy that Patton advises to beginners.

17:50- “Your mind can’t hold two emotions at the same time.” (Purdum)

21:57- Purdum shares an experience where one of his students went face first into a horse’s ass.

27:07- The current focus of Advantage Horsemanship, Purdum’s TV show, will be changed to have more motivational and inspirational pieces. He currently doesn’t have enough funding and camera equipment to expand, SHEATH might be a future sponsor.

30:43- After extensive research, Purdum discovered SHEATH as the perfect underwear for riding horses. Everyone in the horse world knows the word, SHEATH, because it is the penis covering of the male horse.

36:31- How people say things with their tone and the energy they give off are things that horses pick up on a high frequency.

42:07- After being able to calm down one of his scared students, the spooked horse she was riding began to relax and trust.

“Horses are a reflection of the energy we provide.” (Purdum)

46:53- Getting to the root of the problem is a constant state of work, and substances won’t help you in the long run.

52:07- Horses will help you because it will mirror what you are reflecting so you can try to change accordingly and move in the right direction. You cannot fake it with the horses, you have to change within yourself.

53:42- Purdum promotes ways to get over anxiety and go into a stable, focused state. Adding in physical stability is another huge aspect of his training.

54:58- Every Wednesday at 3pm is when the Advantage Horsemanship airs on Dish Network, his podcast is Horse & Home.



The Power of the Breath w/ Cyndy Clemens

The Power of the Breath w/ Cyndy Clemens

October 20, 2020

On this episode Robert sits down with breathwork specialist Cyndy Clemens to discuss how she discovered breathwork and the many benefits it brings. The two get into deep conversation on healing and becoming a better version of yourself. 

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Instagram: @luvbreath 

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Show Notes

1:28- Clemens describes breath work to people as their superpower which still gets strange reactions. 

2:02- Patton felt very relaxed after he was able to fall asleep during one of his sessions with Clemens. He enjoys following meditations on an app, but in person delivers deeper results. 

5:06- “Whenever you’re chasing something, it is going to elude you.” (Clemens)

6:40- There is somewhat of a DMT activation for about 10-30 seconds with focused breath work. 

8:40- Clemens goes over the experiences that the early practitioners had, originally thinking they were only feeling the effects because they had taken LSD. 

10:45- “When you are breathing with a lot of people you feel the interconnectedness.” (Clemens) 

12:20- Patton feels like he is a guinea pig because of his openness to experiment on himself. Using Wim Hom Method has helped him from relying so much on taking naps to regain energy. 

15:50- Clemens has a podcast and YouTube channel that she full creative control over and uses it to help people discover the power of their breath to reduce stress. 

18:04- Using breath work reduces cortisol levels and activates the Theta brain waves. 

20:46- “Your breathing pattern is how you respond to life.” (Clemens) 

25:02- There are numerous ways to breath properly, Clemens enjoys the circular approach, where there isn’t a break between breaths and the diaphragm is used. 

28:45- Breathing through the nose stimulates the third eye chakra. 

32:33- Many people unconsciously gasp then hold the breath when faced with stress and continue the bad habit. 

36:13- Clemens and Patton both agree that when you are in control of your breath, others can’t throw you off. Clemens describes it as breathing in the spirit. 

38:14- Patton always does a breath work session in the morning before he begins his workflow. 

38:50- Clemens had to deal with sexual abuse from her father when she was young which made her very defensive towards men. After breath work was introduced to her, she felt that she was becoming more anchored to her soul and able to heal. 

43:37- “Your lungs were designed to be the heavy lifters of releasing toxins.” (Clemens) 

46:00- Clemens’s son contracted COVID-19 but luckily it didn’t penetrate into his lungs. 

48:58- Clemens has been a breath work practitioner for over seventeen years. 

52:03- Patton describes his experience taking Adderrall where he would find himself accidentally holding his breath. He later found out how bad this was for his body and stopped taking it. 

55:55- The Matrix is brought up when discussing letting go of resisting things. “What you resist, persists.”

1:00:06- Patton describes his first basketball game where his dad was watching, which totally got him in his head and led him to having a very bad game. 

1:03:14- Clemens feels like she is just now getting started on her journey. 

1:05:15- Most people don’t appreciate a long, deep breath until they are unable to take one. One way Clemens built her appreciation was by fasting for four days and not shower for one week. Even the most simple things felt orgasmic after the fast was done and she took a shower. 


Rise and Grind w/ Raquel Pennington

Rise and Grind w/ Raquel Pennington

October 4, 2020

For the season finale Robert is joined by UFC Fighter Raquel Pennington for a discussion on the latest news in the fighting world, her goals and routines, and the determination it takes to reach your goals.

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Twitter: @RockyPMMA
Instagram: @raquel_pennington 

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Show Notes

0:54- UFC Bantamweight fighter Raquel Pennington is a native from Colorado Springs who enjoys hiking, hunting and fishing, often paired with smoking weed and eating edibles.


2:48- Pennington describes the importance of having a reset from the gym to spend time with friends and family.


4:24- Patton is in agreement that breath work is a superpower in itself.


6:20- Ice baths are something that Pennington uses for injuries and Patton does them to charge up for the day.


8:58- Pennington has always wanted to be a professional athlete but never thought she would make it this far.


11:04- Pennington relates her last fight to The Ultimate Fighter because there was a lack of audience and a quarantined environment.


14:37- Because of the quarantine, Pennington and and her partner Tecia Torres, a UFC Straw weight, converted their garage into a home gym.


17:35-Having dogs to take care of has brought peace to both Pennington and Patton. Pennington has two cats and seven dogs, the seventh being a foster after being rescued late at night when she had a craving for graham crackers randomly and drove to the grocery store. Patton’s wife, Stacey helps in rehabilitating dogs that have been abandoned and abused to prepare them for their forever home.


20:31- Because of her current injury, Pennington has found it extra beneficial that her foster dog is great walking buddy and keeps her motivated.


22:58- “We (SHEATH) have four distribution centers in the US and one in Canada.” (Patton)


26:44- “I think the psychology of fighting, Raquel could tell you the best because she worked with a couple of sports psychologists, even just talking about the fight, there’s a way to do it, to where you don’t get more anxious about it.” (Juan Gonzalez, Pennington’s Kickboxing Coach)


29:33- The art of flow state is used to become mentally and physically ready to perform.


33:40- The Michael Jordan/Chicago Bulls Documentary, The Last Dance is referenced by Patton when talking about mental toughness and a competitive spirit.


36:38- Patton’s happy place is shooting around by himself at the basketball court, Pennington is also a fellow baller.


38:50- “I will be forever humble, that is in my DNA.” (Pennington)


39:38- Pennington talks about her maximum effort approach she teaches as a high school gymnastics coach.


47:11- Making weight for fights used to be stressful, but now Pennington has fun with the process.


49:30- After going vegetarian for a month, Pennington describes her energy level as incredible after numerous set backs in finding a balanced diet because of hormone shift post surgery.


53:32- It isn’t a specific diet that helps Pennington, clean eating seems to be the most effective.


58:49- Patton got in touch with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone through Tecia Torres.


1:01:01- The prototype of SHEATH was made in Iraq when Patton took his standard issued underwear to the local tailer.


The MMA Lifestyle w/ Dylan King

The MMA Lifestyle w/ Dylan King

September 27, 2020

On this episode Robert is joined in his new studio by Dylan King, professional MMA fighter based in Colorado. Dillon is also Robert's personal trainer. The two discuss recent events in the UFC, persistence, having an attitude of gratitude and much more.

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Instagram: @dylantheking135

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Show Notes

0:50- Patton is joined by Dylan King, his personal trainer and pro MMA fighter based out of Colorado. His fight videos can be found on google by searching “Dylan King MMA”.


2:45- King and Patton both became fans of MMA after watching the first season of The Ultimate Fighter.


3:48- “You’re always nervous I think going into the fight, I think the nerves are good, they keep you on your edge, they keep you focused.” (King)


6:01- Patton believes that Gilbert Smith is one of the best coaches he has ever had, Smith is King’s head coach at Victory MMA. He has been working with King nearly everyday for the last three years.


8:17- Gilbert “Chocolate Thunder” Smith appeared on Season 18 & 25 of The Ultimate Fighter.


11:43- King enjoys watching Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone fight and has been a fan before he made it to the UFC.


16:54- The effects of fame on young athletes and celebrities seems to have its own set of problems and challenges.


18:57- Patton and King agree that Israel Adesanya is handling fame well and playing the game smart.


21:09- Patton is a big fan of Paulo Costa because he does ice baths regularly and will shake around in them to make it feel even colder.


25:20- “I was the epitome of average, but I still wanted it.” (Patton)


27:27- “Fighting takes up a lot of my brain space.” (King)


32:49- “I don’t know why slaps don’t happen more often.” (Patton)


35:01- The experience of physical combat helps one to get to know themselves. King believes that training MMA is a form of therapy.


38:29- The philosophy that movement is medicine is discussed in depth as our society continues to eat terrible foods and sit for longer periods of time. King and Patton both recommend running over walking to gain results faster.


41:43- “Even the opportunity to work is a blessing.” (Patton)


43:53- One of Patton’s goals is to improve his communication and promote self awareness in others.


45:46- Patton uses Instacart as his preferred grocery delivery service to save time and enjoy the process of cooking his own food. He saves 3 works days per month by avoiding going to the grocery store.


48:06- King & Patton both will decompress and relax in the evening after a long day by playing video games for about an hour.


50:12- King practices Hot Yoga at Hot On Yoga in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


54:01- The approach of not rushing and getting a really good stretch post workout is emphasized by Patton. There is a mutual agreement that Psilocybin promotes appreciation for nature remembering we are all one.


57:58- “My biggest fear is regretting the things that I didn’t do.” (King)


1:01:14- Having the ‘being the last man standing’ work ethic will get you very far, you have to be obsessed.

Training Body, Mind & Spirit w/ Josiah Brooks

Training Body, Mind & Spirit w/ Josiah Brooks

September 23, 2020

On this episode of RPG, Robert sits down with artist and body builder Josiah Brooks to discuss training, meditation, entrepreneurship, music and beyond.

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Instagram: @josiahbrooksofficial

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Show Notes

0:37- Patton is joined by guest Josiah Brooks, an entertainer, artist and SHEATH model.


1:35- Brooks considers himself a gym freak after being introduced to body building at a young age from his dad. His first gym was three blocks from his elementary school. Years later, he didn’t like who he was seeing in the mirror and decided to take his physique to the next level just like his father had.


4:15- Patton talks about when he was sixteen and making his dad cry because he had been arrested and couldn’t get his life together.


6:35- During his adolescence, Brooks talks about learning what his strengths and weaknesses were.


8:55- Patton considers himself a comedian at times, but his daughter will often bring up her SJW perspective as a way to remind him to be compassionate.


10:37- Brook’s father experienced racism growing up in 60’s as a young black man. He went on to become very well educated and earned a position as city councilman and pastor, all while being a body builder.


15:56- The introduction of white privilege and other racial stereotypes is looked into further review.


18:07- Brooks has made it a point to educate other young black men about how to not feed into negative stereotypes.


20:07- In the last six months, Brooks has created seven new songs for his latest music project.


24:00- Patton talks about meeting RiFF RAFF and getting to hang out on his tour bus where he listened to unreleased music.


27:12- Brooks is waiting for the right time to release his music.


29:20- Patton is a huge fan of Eckhart Tolle and talks about the power and philosophy of being in the now.


32:05- It took Brooks years to strengthen his mind and be able to control thought patterns, even after traumatic experiences.


33:58- Brooks works out every single day, for a minimum of 90 minutes. Through trail and error, he has developed his own training program and does a self check every week to see which muscles he wants to make more prominent.


36:06- For maximum results, Brooks talks about the benefits of strengthening the bond between the brain and muscles, which is why many people close their eyes to focus on the contraction in the movement.


40:22- Patton and Brooks both agree that you can get things done so much faster by having a mentor to coach you.


45:40- “You’re put in this bubble that’s projected on you by people that have false notations about you and at a certain point you get fed up.” (Brooks)


49:39- “We all need to look within, and we’re all so quick to blame something outside, or look for any enemy, whatever, look at yourself.” (Patton)


52:51- The gap between getting by and living your dream is looked into as something everyone goes through. Meditation and visualization helps with getting things done in life.


56:26- Patton believes his life is a little too easy and needs to add more healthy stress.


57:57- Brooks favorite part of being on the podcast was being able to be in a place that supports open mindedness and discussing his views without fear of judgment.

Recovery is Key w/ Zerin Beattie

Recovery is Key w/ Zerin Beattie

September 13, 2020

On this episode Robert sits down with Zerin from XPAND, a coaching and training platform that also has a podcast. The two discuss sleep, ice baths, isolation tanks and more.

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His Podcast:

Instagram: @xpandyourself 

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Show Notes 

1:18- Beattie weighs in on Patton’s years of not sleeping well and the variables at play when going for deep sleep.


3:00- It has been nearly a decade since Patton started experiencing lack of sleep, most notably stemming from his two tours in Iraq where he experienced horrific things. Beattie has used a sensory depravation tank over three hundred times and believes it is good for treating PTSD.


4:27- Patton has floated in the past, usually doing it once per week. He explained that the one time he went at 6pm did deliver him a deeper sleep state than when he went in the middle of the day.


9:00- Sharing cognitive resources with your fellow humans is something that Beattie and Patton agree is exciting and necessary for a strong community.


10:10- “Can we perceive the chaos, without being pulled into it?” (Beattie)


14:31- Eckhart Tolle’s views on overthinking and solutions for emptying the mind to be in the present moment.


17:52- Because Psilocybin turns off the frontal lobe, Beattie believes this opens us up to other dimensions of reality.


21:00- Beattie explains how much insight one can gain with using Cannabis and candlelight during meditation. Patton references music notes are our own individual vibrations and questions if we can stay in tune when we have to deal with dissonance.


27:20- Doing your best for those close in your proximity helps to create community and real change.


29:12- Patton & Beattie go through their principles of success.


33:28- “Ice baths build internal strength almost instantly.” (Beattie)


35:20- Beattie recommends taking a 30 minute nap between 1 and 3pm while listening to binaural beats by Cory Allen to boost your circadian rhythm.


36:57- During his most recent move, Patton utilized 15 minutes of Wim Hof breathing to brush off the feeling of needing a nap.


37:50- Beattie played college golf and believed that it helped him to always stay adaptable.


40:19- He has trained in kickboxing for over a decade, training professionally for three years.


42:25- Beattie explains how our emotions correlate to distinct patterns in how we move our bodies.


45:14- The concept of building a brand takes at least eight years for most people.


48:17- Patton is nearly brought to tears after Beattie explains the idea of a community based approach for building an empire.


51:20- “You have to trust your instincts.” (Patton)


55:32- Beattie has been a fitness coach for over ten years, mostly in person. He has worked on his online training programs for eight years and finally released it last month. It is a mindfulness program that involves meditation and martial arts and plant medicines.


59:33- The metamorphosis of the seed into a flower applies to the grow of your life. 



The Twitch Streaming Business w/ David Acosta

The Twitch Streaming Business w/ David Acosta

September 6, 2020

On this episode Robert sits down with Professional Twitch Streamer David Acosta, aka SuperDavex2 to discuss the streaming business, current global affairs and more.

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Show Notes

0:58- With the weather turning cold quickly, Patton had to bring in his three cannabis plants to keep them alive. Acosta is in the same situation, moving from Houston, Texas to the mountains of Colorado.


2:04- It has been over a year and a half since Acosta has fought or competed in the Mixed Marital Arts world.  He has currently been in the Twitch streaming business with his gaming channel, DaveX2. Every month, his channel grows in views and is 5-6 average viewers under certified partner level. He goes live Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.


6:13- Acosta chuckles at the chaos of seeing his five year old son, David and the fourteen other kinder-garden students attempting to go through school in a zoom meeting.


8:00- Patton joined Victory MMA to train with Gilbert Smith just before COVID-19 happened.


12:22- Almost every morning, Patton will play close to an hour of Call of Duty and drink coffee to get pumped up for the day ahead. Acosta enjoys an hour bike ride daily for mental health. He rides a Felt Z100 Road Bike.


17:45- Acosta’s wife works in law enforcement as an Emergency Services Therapist, he believes that therapy can be very beneficial.


20:30- Patton found it in his best interest to move to Colorado to avoid being arrested for Cannabis in Texas.


23:09- The topic of Cannabis decriminalization is something they both find very important, especially being daily smokers.


27:52- One of the biggest reasons for moving to Colorado from Houston was because David’s wife, Jocelyn almost accidentally died after her heart stopped while being tested for allergies.


30:33- Acosta is in the top .3% of the entire streaming world.


34:16- Patton describes his teams reaction to his newest production in the Sheath Underwear collection, the Horizontal Fly.


39:00- Patton has been a fan of MMA for over two decades.


43:19- After nearly fifteen years of training MMA, Acosta now sticks to weight lifting and cycling, and includes an ice bath three times per week for recovery.


47:00- A few weeks ago during a 45 mile bike ride, Acosta had to bike the last 15 miles in black smoke because of a raging wildfire nearby.


54:51- Acosta laughs at himself because of how fast his pace was for the last 15 miles during the wildfire and tells himself he has so much more in him for his future rides.


59:30- Patton is finally feeling acclimated to living in the mountains with an elevation around 9,000 feet.


1:01:09- The only supplements that Acosta takes for his training is a Pre and Post Workout from Purus Labs.


1:03:28- Patton is going to have a social media content consolation with Acosta in the next week or so.

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