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Forged in Fire w/ Wayne Meligan

Forged in Fire w/ Wayne Meligan

May 26, 2021

For Episode 8 of Season 4 Robert is joined by Wayne Meligan, professional bladesmith, who appeared on the popular TV Show Forged in Fire. The conversation begins with discussing the intricacies of blade smithing, his experience on Forged in Fire, and what resulted from his appearance there. They two also discuss finding a craft you love and sticking to it, among many more deep topics.

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Show Notes:

0:50- Meligan was featured on season six of Forged in Fire which aired August 2019. 

1:51- On his property, Meligan has a separate 1,500 square foot house that he uses for his blade smith work and a pirate bar to enjoy afterwards.

4:53- The bar is called the Pirate Forge and is located on the coast of Florida. Meligan started blade smith work in 2017. 

6:35- After receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, Meligan led a 26 bed ICU CVI open heart unit for twelve years. 

9:07- Meligan is forging a sword and Bowie knife out of meteorite.

10:34- There are multiple burns and scars on Meligan because of the dangerous process of forging. 

14:35- Even with just 1.5 years of experience, Meligan was able to out compete others with 30+ years.

16:02- Patton & Meligan both love a good cup of black coffee. 

19:42- “The thing is man, we’re only here, we get one shot at this life, don’t piss it away. Don’t waste it. If it’s a book, make it a book worth reading.” (Meligan)

24:45- There is enough room for us all to be successful and eat together. 

27:07- It has been just over two years since Melgian has been working full time. Eventually he would like to have his own production of knives on the market. 

31:20- Meligan thinks that Colorado is scary even though he has wrestled Alligators and Water Moccasins in Florida.  

35:10- You only stay at the top of the mountain for a minute, the journey is the best part. 

38:00- Pensacola beach is one of the best in Florida. 

39:47- “If you make your home like paradise, you feel like you don’t need to vacation.” (Meligan)

41:40- Meligan and his wife have one son, a German Shepherd and a mutt. 

46:41- You have to take risks so that you don’t hold yourself back and have regrets when you’re old. 

51:21- High intensity weight training five days a week for an hour to an hour and a half is how Meligan stays fit. 

54:17- Being happy with yourself is more important than having a bunch of money. 

57:10- There is always someone who had it harder than you, but still makes a successful life. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work w/ David Acosta

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work w/ David Acosta

May 19, 2021

For Episode 7 of Season 4 Robert is joined by David Acosta, professional Twitch Streamer and SHEATH Content Producer. The two discuss the importance of team work, excercise, fine tuning lifestyle choices and using momentum to carry your mission forward.

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Show Notes:

0:52- Acosta tells us he turns thirty in two weeks after Patton mentions he has been feeling old lately. 

2:42- You must have a strong work ethic to be successful with anything you do. 

3:10- Acosta is the producer for the RPG Podcast and the Sheath Twitch channel. 

5:15- When you have a team that works in harmony and cares for everyone, you will achieve success much quicker because the work and goals accomplished will bring fun and excitement. 

8:18- “Cycling really taught me how to push past a certain point.” (Acosta)

10:10- Whenever Patton was ever feeling sluggish or off, he would use running to get his positive momentum up. 

12:57- Every single day you have to make the decision to be happy. 

14:25- “Anyone can be shitty at some point in time, including me.” (Patton)

18:00- Wim Hof breathing method can be a great way to move on when you have negative thoughts. 

22:44- Understanding your heart rate variability is important for everyone, not just athletes. 

26:00- Patton has been streaming his chess games on Twitch for over three months. 

29:36- Whenever you’re doing all the work and not cutting corners, you will excel past others who want instant gratification. 

34:00- Having a close group of people that you trust and can get advice from is priceless. 

35:20- “You don’t get to have an opinion about factual stuff.” (Acosta) 

42:00- People will try to spread lies about others all the time whenever they don’t like themselves and are bored. 

46:52- In six weeks, the Sheath TikTok channel has grown from 26 followers to over 400. 

52:00- You can always try again tomorrow whenever you fall short on pushing yourself to your limit. 

56:55- “I make the decision to be better or worse.” (Acosta) 

1:01:38- You have to use teamwork to be able to make anything great.

1:03:35- Decide to be pleasant and fit and hard working and success will follow. 

Ohana Kava Bar w/ Matt Clark

Ohana Kava Bar w/ Matt Clark

May 7, 2021

For Episode 6 of Season 4 Robert is joined by Matt Clark, owner of Ohana Kava Bar. The two discuss the origins and uses of the plant medicine known as Kava, their mastermind alliance, future plans, and several trips down memory lane. This is one for the books!


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Show Notes:

1:38- Every important business meeting in Fiji and the South Pacific begins with drinking Kava first before discussing any issues. 

3:37- Matt Clark and Robert Patton have been in a mastermind group for the past four years.

6:05- One of the suggestions Patton gave Clark for his business, Ohana Kava Ba, was to open earlier than 3:00 PM.

8:40- “I describe Kava to a lot people as alcohol, coffee and cannabis coming together to party without any of the negative side effects.” (Clark) 

11:23- Kava is a tropical shrub grown throughout the South Pacific where the temperatures are more stable. 

13:49- Having a Kava farm in Hawaii is a big goal for Clark. 

16:44- Being kind and tolerant toward others is a good path because it lets you handle your business and not be focused on judging others. 

17:17- Clark has also been an entreprenuer, he started selling candy in middle school and then went on to selling watches and cleaning homes. He bought his first car at age fourteen and has been infatuated with them since. 

23:11- Kava can be a great way to become happy and relaxed very quickly. 

25:32- Clark worked in a union as a stage hand for many concerts and helped him continue to build a solid work ethic and hustle. 

26:38- Smoking cigarettes is a terrible idea. 

27:52- The Nakamal (Kava Bar) is the traditional setting for drinking Kava, Clark discovered this in Boca Raton, Florida at age eighteen. 

28:50- After becoming tired of nursing and missing having a Kava bar, Clark saved up his money to open up his own spot. 

32:50- Clark’s father provided for their family by working fifty, sixty and even sometimes seventy hour work weeks. He recommended finding a job where you don’t have to work so much that you miss time with your family and friends. 

38:46- There is an ongoing debate between Tonga and Hawaii about who has the better Kava. 

43:00- Working in the ER as a nurse has given Clark the ability to work fast paced and proficient even under pressure. 

45:12- Clark is working toward getting his employees full benefits, but for now everyone is on a pension plan. 

48:20- Do not mix Kava with alcohol, it will make you very nauseous. 

49:45- Infusing CBD into a Kava shot is Clark’s most recent product. 

52:40- Sending out love to others is something that can be transmuted in your daily life. 

56:42- When you’re used to being very energized with caffeine, drinking Kava in the daytime might not be the best option. 

1:03:05- “I’m addicted to work.. to the hustle.” (Patton)

1:05:15- Clark misses surfing and admits that he is addicted to it. “You’re one with the wave and the planet.”

1:10:15- Judaism is something that interests Patton and Clark. 

1:11:30- The Power of Prosperity is one of Clark’s favorite books, it reinforces the good deed of giving to others. 

1:15:05- You have to be a good steward of the money. 

1:17:03- “The better you do, the more you can give.” (Clark)

1:19:20- It is important to be grateful for those around you that help you grow. 

1:21:05- Patton and Clark want to race each other once they both have their Tesla truck. 

1:22:42- Clark will be turning forty on December 3rd. 

The Art of Guitar w/ Raul Rodriguez III

The Art of Guitar w/ Raul Rodriguez III

May 3, 2021

For Episode 5 of Season 4 Robert is joined by Guitarist and Artist Raul Rodriguez III. During the course of the conversation the two discuss guitar, dance, self-love and much more.

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Show Notes:

1:15-Rodriguez is working on a branded commercial for Sheath. He recently got to experience skiing for the first time ever on his most recent visit to Colorado. 

2:30- playing guitar has been a major passion for Rodriguez and he is always striving to up his skill set. 

5:15- Japanese Sunrise is one of Patton’s favorite songs that features Rodriguez on guitar. 

6:55- “I guess I’m just drawn to that kind of frozen, infinite space, kind of zen space, and I like to thread that into everything.”(Rodriguez)

8:15- Most schools in general do not have friendly and positive approach when it comes to students that want to be artists. 

11:30- Dancing can be a big fear for many people, they second guess how to shake it out and let loose. 

15:00- “Writing is like shaking out your brain a little bit.” (Patton) 

17:27- Exercising and not drinking too much alcohol are some fundamentals for a healthy lifestyle. 

21:17- With increased success, Patton doesn’t want to hoard money or be greedy. 

23:23- It is so nice when you are loved exactly as you are. 

27:30- Raising your advertising budget is something that is done slow and strategically, sometimes it doesn’t work out and you have to learn from your failures. 

30:51- Having a podcast with guests you want to have conversations with is very important. 

32:10- Patton has reported having DMT visions while doing the Wim Hof breathing method. 

35:25- Working out is uncomfortable, but is something you don’t regret when it’s done. 

Thugnasty Techniques w/ UFC’s Bryce Mitchell

Thugnasty Techniques w/ UFC’s Bryce Mitchell

April 26, 2021

For Episode 4 of Season 4 Robert is joined by UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell. During the course of the conversation the two discuss MMA techniques, training, being on the come up, and finding success + much more.

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Show Notes:

2:40- “I’m as much foot work as I am hand work.” (Mitchell) There is an emphasis on foot work and defense, and the ability to move laterally quickly. 

4:45- Mitchell’s striking accuracy is in the top three of the UFC. 

5:45- Kung Fu studies five animals to learn how to fight: Cobra, Tiger, Crane, Mantis and Monkey. 

7:22- Slapping can actually be a very useful technique over the hook because you have more surface area of damage and are much less likely to cause strain on the knuckles or break a bone. 

10:08- “Me and my coaches look at ourselves like mad scientists.” (Mitchell) 

12:06- Mitchell was disqualified from his first Karate tournament after unknowingly punching his opponent in the face. 

15:30- Mitchell is good friends with Aljamain Sterling, they trained and lived together for a couple months. 

18:35- There has been a lot of controversy over the differing referee standards within the UFC.

21:16- “The Tough 27” was the season that Mitchell appeared on for The Ultimate Fighter. 

25:06- Mitchell’s Nunchucks and bow skills didn’t make it on the final production of the season. 

29:00- Patton & Mitchell both agree that John Gunther is a true savage, Mitchell’s favorite memory of him was when he was punching and tackling a tree for two hours straight. 

30:31- Mitchell’s record is 13-1. His only loss was to a very experienced black belt. 

35:30- “I didn’t have that $2,500 grip.” (Mitchell) Referring to his failure to finish an arm bar and losing out on the $2,500 bonus for finishing the fight. 

40:26- Cowboy Cerrone is collaborating with Sheath on designing a new pair. 

45:55- Patton is proud of his United States Army service and had his rank of Sergeant tattooed on his chest. 

47:09- “I’m all about fighting evil, fighting for what you love and fighting evil.” (Mitchell) 

51:05- Patton & Mitchell both agree that the Veteran’s Administration needs to be vastly improved. 

55:32- Mitchell believes in an earmark when it comes to our property tax payments. 

58:33- To stay appropriate, Mitchell hired a social media manager. 

1:02:21- Learning how to recover properly when not feeling your best is essential for longevity in your success. 

1:04:10- Mitchell is all about preserving your freedoms and liberties. 

The Reward in Providing Opportunity w/ Cameron Davies

The Reward in Providing Opportunity w/ Cameron Davies

April 19, 2021

For Episode 3 of Season 4 Robert is joined by the CEO of Cruising Kitchens and Davies Entertainment, Cameron Davies. In the show they discuss both being from San Antonio, their come-up stories, and how they find reward in providing opportunity for their friends and family + much more.

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Show Notes:

2:44- Patton was introduced to Davies after Steven Wylie suggested they do a podcast together. Wylie first heard of Davies Entertainment after connecting with Eddie Ortiz, a national champion middleweight boxer, who is signed to Davies Entertainment and sponsored by Sheath. 

3:23- Davies first business was 210 Customs where he built vehicles for celebrities, but found out he was a bad businessman after going broke from a bad deal. Now he makes custom food trucks and is sponsoring ten boxers, four musicians, and has over one hundred employees.  

5:25- During the pandemic, Davies was able to have his athletes and musicians join the work team to learn life long skills when things were closed down. 

7:35- The Davies team built a 73,000 square foot entertainment center where they can train and do the work that they need to do. 

8:48- Eddie Ortiz gave Davies some pairs of Sheath Underwear and now that is all he wears. 

10:22- Sheath is on the mat of the Legacy Fighting Alliance octagon and is aiming to one day be on the UFC mat. 

13:08- Davies accredits he success to hiring the right people and letting them do what they do best. 

14:51- “Hard work outweighs luck.” (Davies)

19:00- Instead of being greedy with the profits, Patton enjoys giving back to disabled people and animal shelter organizations.

23:45- Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is one of Davies’s favorite fighters. 

26:05- Patton and Davies both had to get dental work done to look more professional. 

29:11- You can’t let a hater get you down, you have to keep moving forward. 

30:56- Davies never misses a boxing or MMA event on TV. 

33:03- There is a possibility of a new pair of Sheath designed by Davies Entertainment. 

34:49- Davies has always been an entrepreneur, starting with mowing lawns at age eleven. 

36:22-  After being broke ten years ago and now achieving success, Davies explains, “You don’t get there by yourself, it’s with a crew and a team and a family.”

42:07- Davies had the opportunity to build a food truck for Aubrey Marcus in Austin, Texas. 

44:11- One of Patton and Davies’s biggest influences is Joe Rogan. 

44:55- After getting a very bad case of food poisoning, Davies used cannabis to recover and deal with the pain. 

47:20- There is a movie that Davies helped out with that is coming out very soon.

I’m Not Your Guru w/ Leo Savage

I’m Not Your Guru w/ Leo Savage

March 28, 2021

On Episode 2 of Season 4 Robert is joined by Steel Mace Flow founder Leo Savage. The two delve deeply into self help courses, gurus, coaches, plant medicines, and setting differences aside + much more on this intimate & impactful podcast.

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Show Notes:

1:14- Leo Savage is the creator of Steel Mace Flow, which continues to grow in popularity each year. It can be found at the Onnit gym in Austin, Texas. 

2:22- Steel Mace Flow is about expressing yourself through fitness, and not letting emotions control you. 

3:36- Because of COVID-19, Savage went eight months without a hug. 

6:18- Savage is concerned with people becoming life coaches after only completing a forty-five day course. 

9:16- “It’s called Imposter syndrome, and it is a very good way to get hurt.” (Savage)

12:05- “It’s easier to fix someone else’s problems than to fix your own.” (Patton) 

16:05- It is not normal to totally agree with someone else and follow exactly as they do, that turns the other person into a guru. It is healthy to have disagreements and be different from others. 

19:22- “The more money I got, and the more followers I got, the more full off myself I got.” (Savage)

22:25- Helping other people is important in the process of healing. 

28:57- With self help, go in being yourself, and come out of it still being yourself. 

30:17- Patton got scammed out of $5,000 dollars two years ago and learned a big lesson. 

33:05- “No coach has helped 100% of the people.” (Savage) 

37:35- Savage believes in moving through and past emotions and not sitting with them. 

39:00- The majority of self help classes Savage has taken go over the importance of positive self talk, meditating, breath work and eating healthy. 

43:00- Kambo, a secreted poison from the Giant Leaf Frog that is applied to burned skin, was recently used by Savage to become stronger by going through a purge. Warriors have used it for many centuries to prepare for battles. 

46:53- After experiencing Kambo, Savage has smoked less Cannabis than any point from the last decade. 

51:40- Leo was given the nickname savage by a group of men in Albuquerque, New Mexico he helped train, and began to feel like he was acting out a character that other people were thinking up to make them happy. 

55:05- “I wasn’t happy not being Leo Savage.” (Savage) He had to return to being his authentic self, sometimes you have to go back to the start to make progress. 

58:37- Just because you have attained success doesn’t mean that you get to slack off on cultivating happiness for yourself and others. 

1:00:23- Savage’s daily routine includes waking up when he wants to, smoking a joint, driving him and his French Bulldog, Butter in his dream car to Summer Moon Coffee on 1st Street in Austin, Texas and walking around saying hello. Then he ends up at the Onnit Academy, a speciality gym where he records his Steel Mace Flow routines. He also enjoys eating a steak every single day. Reaching out to others and checking in makes him feel good too. 

1:04:27- There is a rivalry between Steel Mace Flow and Viking Ninja. 

1:09:40- Even with the oppositions, Savage is still happy and proud to see his main competitor grow and thrive. 

1:11:30- “Time heals all.” (Savage) 

Dream Big & Manifest w/ Gilbert Smith

Dream Big & Manifest w/ Gilbert Smith

March 15, 2021

Welcome to Season 4 of the RPG Podcast. On episode one of this all new season Robert is joined by Gilbert Smith, MMA Fighter, Coach and Founder of Victory MMA Academy in Colorado Springs. The two discuss discipline, dreaming big, how to follow your dreams until they manifest, overcoming challenges, self-doubt, mixed martial arts and much more.

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Show Notes:

0:40- Gilbert Smith is a former UFC fighter, appearing as a contender on The Ultimate Fighter season 17 & 25 and is now a coach at Victory MMA in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

2:00- Smith believes he can be disciplined in other areas of his life because he is very disciplined when training in the gym. 

3:25- After not making the basketball team, Patton became obsessed with getting better, playing nearly everyday from age eleven to seventeen. 

6:16- One of the biggest challenges Patton faced was being in denial after receiving a new batch of underwear back in 2013 that had too many manufacturing discrepancies, on the outside they looked fine, but on the inside they almost looked mangled and couldn’t be sold in good conscious. Starting over was the only option and he knew he couldn’t give up. 

11:23- The biggest challenge Smith has faced was working under someone he didn’t know who ultimately wasn’t trustworthy and made him reconsider continuing to teach MMA. Fortunately, Smith was able to return to the original gym he was teaching and started rebuilding his business, ultimately saving up enough to buy his own gym. 

15:30- To stay driven, Smith will tell himself he doesn’t have a choice or plan b, he strives to be as smart as possible with studying and will ask for advice. He isn’t afraid to fail or be criticized. 

17:43- Smith has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and master’s in business and project management. He is also A+ and Cisco CCNA certified which he used while in the United States Army, he admits that he didn’t enjoy that work at all. 

23:48- “Necessity is the mother of invention.” (Patton) 

26:56- Smith first began teaching martial arts at Camp Victory in Iraq, helping spawn the name of his gym, Victory MMA.

30:41- Sometimes Smith will watch other coaches on Instagram and process what they are teaching and adapt it into his own program. 

32:09- “When you live in your gift, you’re able to excel.” (Smith)

35:30- You have to dream big, but grind even harder. 

39:23- The most important thing that Smith tells his students is to not be afraid of failure, it is a process. 

41:28- Acro Yoga is something that Smith does to challenge himself and continue to learn as a student. 

48:16- Smith is very excited to help his son with his music and MMA career, he says he is going all in and not afraid to fail. 


Style & Strategy w/ David Ferree

Style & Strategy w/ David Ferree

February 8, 2021

On this episode Robert is joined by David Ferree, CEO of Anson Belt. The two discuss how they met, how they developed their respective products, strategies for marketing in the modern era and much more.

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Show Notes:

0:40- David Ferree is the CEO of Anson Belt & Buckle. Robert met David four years ago at the Menfluential conference. 


3:08- Wearing a belt is usually the best way to go, unless you have a custom suit made without belt loops. 


3:37- Anson Belt is a micro adjustable, hole-less belt. They have a lifetime guarantee. 


8:15- Ferree’s father first discovered the clickable belt accidentally in 2007 while visiting China, he brought home two belts so that he and David could it out. By 2009, they began selling online after buying out the domain


12:22- “A rising tide lifts all ships.” (Ferree) 


13:20- Anson Belt & Buckle has over 25,000 five star reviews. 


15:45- One of the complaints that Ferree had about the YOTPO platform was the high cost. 


20:50- Ferree doesn’t offer discount codes because he feels it cheapens the brand. 


24:52- “Our existing customers get the best discounts.” (Patton) 


27:11- Being fired from an international marketing company was one of the best things to happen to Ferree because he really didn’t enjoy the work he was doing and knew he could be terminated at any moment. 


32:40- Wanting to be in the NBA from an early age is something that gave Patton his drive and inspired work ethic. 


33:52- Ferree was always very interested in how brands built followings and used to trace skateboarding companies logos in his note book. 


36:44- One of Ferree’s favorite designs is the Anson golf buckle. 


37:59- Every single Friday is a free Anson belt Friday. 


41:55- Anson belt really started to gain a social media following after extensive Facebook marketing and working with micro influencers who had great potential. 


47:43- Ferree’s father is the CFO of Anson Belt & Buckle. 


53:50- Patton is using Thought Leaders to help out with marketing. 


59:18- Patton & Ferree both use Klaviyo to help with email marketing. 


1:02:25- There is great excitement when they both reflect on where they will be in five years. 


Stay Grateful w/ Eddie ‘The Hunter’ Ortiz

Stay Grateful w/ Eddie ‘The Hunter’ Ortiz

January 24, 2021

On this episode Robert is joined by professional boxer Eddie 'The Hunter' Ortiz. The two discuss what it takes to win in the ring, staying grateful in the face of challenges, Eddie's work with SHEATH, and much more.

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Show Notes:

0:34- Eddie “The Hunter” Ortiz  is a WBC (World Boxing Council) USNBC Middleweight Champion.

2:13- After playing baseball growing up, Ortiz finally made the switch to boxing when he turned 18 because he had been getting into fights at school on a frequent basis. He has been training in boxing for over eleven years. 

4:12- “Build your own recipe of ingredients that works for you.” (Ortiz)

5:29- During training camp, Ortiz will do an ice bath two to three times per week. 

7:40- One of things that Ortiz learned from Wim Hof is taking cold showers in the morning to wake up. 

9:08- Outside of the ring, Ortiz stays busy helping with his Dad’s electrical company. 

13:20- Ortiz has multiple streams of income so that he can have fun with competing in boxing and not be reliant on it to pay the bills. 

15:52- In the future, Ortiz wants to open his own gym and be very active in the fight game, even if he’s not competing. 

19:54- Around 5:30 AM, Ortiz begins his strength and conditioning training, after recovering throughout the day, he will practice boxing in the evening to finish his routine. 

23:03- Ortiz thinks it is bullshit when he hears a fighter say they have no fear. It can be good to have fear because it creates a heightened sense of awareness. 

25:13- “The fight is won in the gym.” (Ortiz) To mentally prepare for a fight, Ortiz will read Bushido, a moral code regarding the Samurai lifestyle and attitudes. 

30:13- Ortiz feels closer to God whenever he helps out the community, he knows his end game is not boxing. 

36:24- Patton loves staring out his window at Pikes Peak while watching the birds above the treetops. 

39:01- Ortiz had to step away from drugs to accomplish his goals, it saddens him to think of a close friend that died from an over dose. 

48:07- Ortiz is signed with Davies Management, part of Davies Entertainment in San Antonio, Texas. 

50:37- One the hardest challenges for Ortiz was separating from his girlfriend after they had a baby boy together. Being broke and having a shoulder injury forced to him to fly out to Helsinki, Finland to train people and make enough money to get by from 2017-2018.

55:25- Having faith and a positive mental attitude are some of the most important principles for having success. 

1:03:00- Whenever Patton was a single father living in Southern California in a single apartment, he watched The Apprentice for inspiration. 

1:06:00- Ortiz can easily get into a flow state now after he punches the heavy bag for twenty minutes straight. 

1:09:57- Ortiz recommends Rival Boxing, his current sponsor for boxing Gloves.

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