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Why Comedy Makes Life Worth Living w/ Colum Tyrrell

Why Comedy Makes Life Worth Living w/ Colum Tyrrell

May 16, 2022

On Episode 6 of Season 8 Robert is joined by Colum "Collie" Tyrrell. Collie is a comedian, truck driver and host of the Colum Tyrrell Podcast. During the podcast the two dive into the world of Comedy they are both so fascinated by, and share why comedy is an essential element to a good life. Laughter is the best medicine. Enjoy the show.


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Show Notes:

The Rules of Entrepreneurship w/ Jason Azevdeo

The Rules of Entrepreneurship w/ Jason Azevdeo

May 9, 2022

On Episode 5 of Season 8 Robert is joined by Jason Azevedo. Jason has had his heart in business development since an early age, starting a very successful apparel company that grew from humble garage beginnings to annual gross billings of over a million dollars at age 15. By 18 Jason was doing millions in business with Starbucks, Nike, Disney, Marvel, Volkswagen, Audi, Lucas films, Dodgers and countless NBA teams. Jason and Robert talk about his journey revitalizing America’s manufacturing sector to provide great products, made by fulfilled and well respected employees in the United States. He is the CSO of MRCA which is a private investment firm with a focus on the smaller end of the middle market, investing in established US manufacturing companies with experienced management teams and solid growth prospects.


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Show Notes:

3:33- Azevdeo gave up beach life in Los Angeles to start a farm in Texas. 


4:41- Patton has found memories of raising chickens during his childhood. 


6:05- The first business venture Azevdeo did was printing shirts with his older brother at age fifteen.


7:41- Having mentors from an early age helped Azevdeo avoid many major pitfalls in business. 


10:01- Azevdeo believes that America can succeed with textile sewing. 


11:31- “We would like to be made in America.” (Patton)


13:21- Azevdeo believes that China has lost its competitive edge. 


15:34- “Manufacturing jobs are not what a lot of people thought about for the last thirty, forty years.” (Azevdeo)


17:30- It’s important to know the communities you’re in. 


19:39- Azevdeo lives in the countryside, about thirty five minutes Southeast of Austin, Texas. 


22:30- Patton and his wife, Stacy enjoy living outside of the city and tucked away in the mountains. 


24:18- “I have a picture of a plane on every vision board I have.” (Patton)


27:22- “Manufacturers are not known for marketing themselves.” (Azevdeo)


30:19- In the beginning of looking for manufacturers, Patton was laughed off the phone after asking for a small batch order. 


33:30- Patton recently had to compete with another underwear company that had a booth at the International Sportsmen’s Expo. 


36:00- Many people in America are weary of the price of labor and make the excuse that it is the reason they’re unprofitable. 


38:10- Azevdeo believes that fuel costs will continue to rise. 


41:40- It is very important for the manufacturing industry to continue developing and creating more jobs. 


44:38- Patton is open to the idea of having only one pair made in America as a start to see how it performs. 


48:10- We cannot go back to our old ways of mass manufacturing that yielded more errors. 


51:50- There are so many supply and demand factors when it comes to getting the right color for materials. 


52:50- Azevdeo runs a private equity firm with his brother called MRCA, Manufacturing Revitilization Corporation America.


55:33- “No business partnership is every easy.” (Azevdeo)


57:45- Azevdeo is a regular practitioner of Yoga and recommends it to his team. 


1:00:26- Patton does enjoy giving out helpful information to up and coming business owners. 








Men’s Work & Plant Medicine w/ David Redish

Men’s Work & Plant Medicine w/ David Redish

May 2, 2022

On Episode 4 of Season 8 Robert is joined by Creative Director, Men's Group Host and Plant Medicine Practitioner, David Redish. Robert and David met at a Men's Retreat last year and both have a great perspective on life to share. During the conversation the two dive into topics like men's work, plant medicine, meditation, relationships and much more. This is one for the books. 


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Show Notes:

2:57- Redish and Patton met months ago at a Men’s wellness retreat.


4:54- Redish is going to complete an eighth week course with Innate Path that incorporates medicinal Ketamine and Cannabis. 


6:23- “Going on a psychedelic journey is like going on a voyage into a foreign land.” (Redish)


8:45- Shortening negative thinking helps to keep you out of a bad loop.


10:00- Redish identifies having a more feminine side even as a male, while his wife falls into a masculine side primarily. 


12:30- Patton reflects on feeling hypocritical about judging people that have emotional triggers.


15:15- The big question, are you craving or averting perfection ?


17:35- “Pick your poison.” (Patton)


19:19- “That’s how we evolve generation to generation, sharing our good and our bad.” (Redish)


21:52- “Look, you’re happy, don’t fuck with it.” (Patton)


24:36- Redish didn’t feel too competitive about anything growing up, but felt more ambitious about film making at age fifteen. 


28:25- Even before sports, having an athletic physique deemed you a warrior and leader. 


29:55- Redish has ancestors that were known for making hats. 


31:03- Patton is eleven percent Native American. 


33:11- The mainstream news is not natural or needed. 


35:25- Every morning, Patton practices his transcendental meditation. 


38:44- Even if you can’t fall asleep easily at night, the meditation practice will help your body rest. 


40:20- The most difficult part of Redish’s ten day meditation retreat was the stillness that made him work through the hip pain he had been experiencing for some time. 


42:55- A big part of the first three days was going over the inhalation technique where you’re only sensing through the nostrils. 


46:08- “Everything does pass, doesn’t it?” (Patton)


47:34- Patton has a meditation closet that is blacked out and has a chair. 


49:54- Psilocybin gives Redish a strange awkward physical feeling that can pass or come back. 


53:44- Some people have not been able to integrate the necessary changes the plant medicines gives you insight on. 


56:30- Patton views his podcasts as video journals. 


58:08- Comedy podcasts are some of Redish’s favorite media. 


1:02:07- SHEATH is the preferred underwear for Redish. 

Pumping Up Your Profile w/ Dan Flores

Pumping Up Your Profile w/ Dan Flores

April 25, 2022

On Episode 3 of Season 8 Robert is joined by fitness director of The Mark Hotel in New York, Dan Flores. During the conversation Dan shares tips on the lifestyle of lifting, diet, schedule, social media and who could benefit from personal training. They also touch briefly on the vision, manifestation and the law of attraction.


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Show notes:

2:52- Flores is the director of fitness at The Mark Hotel in New York City. 


4:44- The one minute pull up is one of Flores’s favorite exercises. 


7:17- Patton and Flores both enjoy drinking red wine. 


8:27- Being able to fall into a calorie deficit consistently is a way to ensure you don’t gain excess weight. 


9:54- Once Patton switched from eating bacon to oatmeal for breakfast, he felt more energized throughout the day and in his workout.


12:08- A big part of helping clients for Flores is ensuring they know how to count their macro nutrients. 


14:02- Patton and his wife are raising chickens with the hopes of having farm fresh eggs in abundance. 


15:40- Most people are under the impression that eggs have to stay in the refrigerator. 


17:00- Flores was born in Manhattan, New York and resides in Brooklyn. 


19:19- “The homeless are on the subway like it is their living room.” (Flores)


20:45- San Francisco and New York City have some major problems with homelessness. 


22:32- Inflation has been very crazy lately and Flores has seen his home price increase. 


25:40- Flores has high end clients that are prominent in the financial industries. 


28:43- The experience in the gym is what long term clients value the most. 


30:35- The longest client relationship Flores has is eighteen years. 


32:19- Another side of training his clients is checking in and doing a fitness consultation periodically. 


35:00- Being in the Upper East Side allows Flores to select other trainers in the area he can use at the hotel. 


36:50- “Be careful what you wish for.” (Flores)


38:17- Flores stays motivated when he has the opportunity to help someone. 


40:23- Patton and Flores are both forty four years old. 


41:40- Because of the pandemic, Flores realized how important social media marketing was and began to do online classes via Zoom.


45:00- Continuing to refine and develop the product is a necessity for Flores. 


47:41- Flores has a positive relationship with the physician at The Mark Hotel and plans to have him on a podcast to talk about biohacking and the different approaches for optimizing.


48:35- Flores is an intermittent faster will usually have his last meal around 11:00PM and won’t eat again until 4:00PM.  


50:51- Being two hundred and twenty pounds requires Flores to eat at least twenty nine hundred calories. 


54:40- “I gotta bring the energy to the session.” (Flores)


55:27- Flores played as a professional football player for an arena league. 


56:27- Flores began personal training in 2000. 


58:55- In the early phase of his personal training business, Flores read many self help books to give him insights and advantages. 


59:52- “You’re never done with goals, it’s always you reach one goal, and then it is the next goal.” (Patton)


1:02:55- There is a good quality to remain hungry and never be fully satisfied for too long. 


1:06:00- Patton extend an invite to Flores for a workout in Colorado. 


1:08:30- Flores was able to double his Instagram following since November.


1:11:15- Patton and Flores are both fans of Mr. Beast. 

No Topic Off Limits w/ Jesse On Fire

No Topic Off Limits w/ Jesse On Fire

April 18, 2022

On Episode 2 of Season 8 Robert is joined by host of the YouTube Channel Jesse On Fire, Jesse Merl. During the conversation Jesse shares how he grew his YouTube channel from TikTok, the content on his channel, social media in general, free speech and much more.


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Show notes:

2:55- Jesse Merl is the host of the YouTube channel, Jessie ON FIRE.


3:45- Merl breaks down the absurdity of Cenk Uygur’s shit talking Joe Rogan and Bill Maher. 


5:24- Patton has a common sense, conservative political viewpoint. 


7:25- “On the COVID side, to not mention that almost 80% of all COVID deaths were people who were obese is borderline criminal. 


9:22- A big part of Merl’s role is to recognize when something has been edited dishonestly and is misinformation. 


12:18- Patton and Merl both agree that the mainstream news has been infiltrated by government agencies. 


14:56- The original content Merl put out on TikTok was talking about MMA. 


15:55- Jesse ON EVERYTHING is Merl’s side channel where no topics are out of discussion. 


18:41- There has been a lot of controversy and hypocrisy with the college swimmer Lia Thomas. 


21:50- Merl brings up Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his Twitter ‘Bees’ who support his every move. 


25:36- “The value of Twitter is not measured like a regular business.” (Merl)


27:30- Rising interest rates are concerning people who are looking to buy a new home. 


32:12- “You need to stay working, you can’t just quit, no matter how much money you have, you gotta stay toiling and busy.” (Patton)


33:14- Putting in ground work even as the CEO, Patton takes orders at the warehouse and helps run the new storefront in Woodland Park, Colorado. 


35:46- Merl’s regular job is working big deals in high tech automation. 


37:23- “I have no minutes off, none.” (Merl)


38:48- Merl had to take six weeks off practicing Jiu-Jitsu after dealing with his first injury.


41:33- “I meditate everyday, first thing in the morning.” (Patton)


44:04- Patton explains how last year he felt the donation spirit of Oprah overcome him. 


46:35- Trauma can have a permanent effect on your posture and movement patterns. 


48:09- A lot people do not know how to whip there foot in a kick. 


49:42- Merl is a big fan of Kamaru Usman. 


51:52- Patton enjoys fighters who can sell fights and build hype. 


55:13- “You could hit that guy with a two by four.” (Merl)


58:40- “Everyone makes more as a champion.” (Merl)


1:01:02- Ngannou is represented by a very wealthy management group. 


1:03:52- Using weighted gloves can make it feel like you are punching like a sledgehammer. 


1:06:50- It has been very difficult for fighters to negotiate their pay with the UFC. 


1:08:13- Patton beliefs in rehearsing winning and visualizing it over and over. 

Act On Your Ideas w/ Luis J. Gomez

Act On Your Ideas w/ Luis J. Gomez

April 11, 2022

On Episode 1 of Season 8 Robert is joined by Comedian and Founder of GAS Digital Network, Luis J. Gomez. During the conversation the Luis tells the story of his entrepreneurial upbringing and the founding of his podcast network. The two also share stories of challenges they faced on the way to success and share tips for taking action toward your goals in life. This is one for the books.


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Show notes:

2:55- Gomez is the founder of GAS Digital Network. Ralph Sutton is the owner and copartner. 


4:05- GAS stands for Gomez and Sutton. 


4:43- Producing Skankfest falls under the same umbrella of marketing for the podcast network. 


7:06- Big Jay Oakerson is the one who connected Gomez and Sutton. 


9:33- “My whole schooling career has been figuring out how to get maximum results out of the bare minimum.” (Gomez)


10:31- Gomez got his start in comedy being a promoter selling tickets for the New York Comedy Club. 


12:55- After getting experience producing shows and running a street team, Gomez began to have the itch to perform comedy himself. 


16:11- From an early age, Gomez has had an entrepreneurial spirit. 


18:56- “I wasn’t good in school, I wasn’t good at working for someone else.” (Gomez)


20:41- “Most people don’t act on their ideas.” (Gomez)


24:00- You can’t let other people talk you out of what you’re meant to do. 


26:37- Having a solid producer is very helpful for podcasting. 


29:00- Experiencing the loss of his father at age four, Gomez feels that it made him a better person. 


31:15- Patton’s former wife died from alcoholism eight years ago, and the tears he and his daughter Madison shared together brought them closer than ever. 


35:35- Putting your head down and continuing to swing and burying yourself in work can help transmute your darkest times. 


37:32- “Shine the light back on the book you were reading, bitch.” (Patton)


39:39- “I like to talk about the stories before I go over them.” (Gomez)


42:35- Having a limitless, abidance mentality will help yourself and remind others that there is enough to go around. 


43:55- “I think most people, 99% of the people don’t have a belief in their own ability to achieve some sort of greatness.” (Gomez)


47:07- You have to play your best hand with the cards you’re dealt. 


48:53- After Gomez stopped taking Vyvance and Adderall, he began smoking cannabis more. 


52:17- Gomez will do nine to ten hours of podcasting a week. 


52:31- Every Monday at 1:15PM, Gomez has a meeting with his producers and staff of the podcast network. 


56:46- Legion of Skanks fans are a special breed of people. 


1:00:21- There’s going to be a legendary lineup at Skankfest 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


Instilling the Importance of Mental Health w/ Zach Jewell

Instilling the Importance of Mental Health w/ Zach Jewell

April 4, 2022

On Episode 12 of Season 7 Robert is joined by Zach Jewell. Zach is the founder of the nonprofit organization Into The Dark Blue, which creates space for men to discuss their mental health. During the conversation the two dive into a deep and authentic discussion touching on topics surrounding physical health, mental health, gratitude and the cultural climate we have all found ourselves in. 


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Show notes:

3:25- Jewell has recently been putting in way more work at the gym lifting weights to build a solid physique. 


4:42- “We’re talking about my six hundred pound life and glorifying this type of behavior, and it is not conducive to mental health.” (Patton)


6:06- Body dysmorphia is a very real thing and can be scary because even if you’re healthy and look good, you still can’t enjoy yourself. 


7:17- Because he is already naturally skinny, Jewell does only a fifteen minute cardio warm up before weight training. 


8:55- Patton has been practicing his pistol squat to increase his mobility performance, one side has still not been able to hold the form. 


10:20- After a ten minute Tai Chi session last week, Patton felt his body temperature go up so he decided to get into an ice bath and work to break his previous time record. 


11:45- “I think it’s good to stay grounded on that base level sometimes, even if it’s not all the time.” (Patton)


13:45-  Even with the uncertainty of the dollar economy, crypto continues to make gains. 


15:15- The Into The Dark Blue represents going into our inner depths, understanding who we are at our core. 


18:34- Jewell has helped launch nine mens mental health groups spread across Texas, Colorado, California, Washington, Tennessee and Ohio. 


21:01- Everyone does experience stress on an individual level, no one is exempt.


24:29- The first ten chapters of Jim Kwik’s book, ‘Limitless’ were too slow paced, but once Patton began reading chapter eleven on focus, his interest spiked and began being able to relate fully to the material and benefit in the day to day habits. 


27:20- Thinking of your focus as a light and what to shine it on gave Patton a deeper perspective and grounding to continue shining on what he is working on. 


31:06- Having pure focus in the first three to six seconds of meeting someone will help retain their name. 


34:09- In meditation, it is okay to think as long as you can address them as only thoughts. 


36:53- “We’re taught that consequences are a negative thing.” (Jewell)


38:30- It is liberating to have powerful daily positive self talk. 


41:14- You don’t have to brag, but it’s very important to address your progress and victories no matter how small. 


44:00- Jewell still works side jobs until he has grant funding for his non-profit and can live off a salary. 


46:00- School is not meant for everyone. 


50:00- It’s important to have a ground up understanding when running a company. 


52:13- Because of his former management position at Amazon in Seattle, Jewell was able to finally travel internationally, first visiting Scotland. 


54:30- Patton and Jewell have both visited Iceland and enjoyed it. 


55:45- Going to Egypt and Greece are some top destinations for Patton and Jewell. 


57:02- Patton enjoys the rolling hills of Kentucky. 


1:00:31- Jewell really enjoyed trying Cacao at the Church of the Sacred Womb and listening to Patton’s live podcast at the debut party of the TIMEWHEEL Podcast Network. 


1:04:48- Suicide is not worth it. 


1:07:11- There are always ups and downs but it gets better when you’re talking to others and not alone. 


1:08:40- “Helping people is one of the best things you can do in this life.” (Patton)

How to Build a Better Business Through The Mind w/ Max Pohl

How to Build a Better Business Through The Mind w/ Max Pohl

March 21, 2022

On Episode 11 of Season 7 Robert is joined by Max Pohl. Max is an entrepreneur who has created Balance Chiropractic, which proudly provides an unconventional approach for complex spinal and neurological conditions. Max is a practitioner of Meditation and Mindfulness and he uses these practices to inform his business practices. During the conversation the two dive into these topics for an in-person podcast at the studio at SHEATH HQ.

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Show notes:

3:50- Dr. Max Pohl is the owner of Balance Chiropractic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 


4:47- “We’re capable of so much more than we think we are.” (Pohl)


6:23- Patton and Pohl are part of a mastermind group that has gained some inspiration through Mr. Beast, the number one content creator on YouTube. 


7:40- A big part of a mastermind alliance is the accountability between members. 


9:05- Pohl feels so much more focused after stopping his Adderall prescription he used throughout his college career. 


10:05- To calm his body down and enter into a sustained, focused state, Pohl will meditate daily for a minimum of twenty five minutes. 


11:30- Patton will meditate twice daily, upon waking and right after finishing lunch. 


13:05- Not becoming irritated over dumb shit is one of the effects Patton has noticed since beginning a consistent meditation practice in November. 


16:13- Pohl is a big believer that meditation is working the mental muscles. 


18:45- For Pohl, meditation is more about clearing things out in the short term energetically. 


21:04- Whenever a big challenge comes to Patton, he will go a run to move his body and clear out any uncertainty, by halfway through the run, he can come up with a solution. 


24:40- “Action is the last step of manifestation.” (Pohl)


27:24- “I’ve never done a kick flip.” (Patton)


30:30- Creating happiness is within, it cannot be bought externally. 


32:35- Last year, Patton and his wife Stacy fostered ten dogs. 


35:35- Having emotional intelligence is crucial to being a creator of your life. 


37:10- “I need to start setting some more intention.” (Patton) 


41:00- Patton picked a different mantra for his transcendental meditation practice, and advises you keep it a secret. 


43:17- From 2015 to 2018, Patton felt immensely sleep deprived and had difficulty conducting team meetings. 


45:25- A big source of pride for Patton has come from opening the SHEATH storefront in Woodland Park, Colorado. 


49:16- Patton can usually achieve the same cracks and pops from chiropractic work with yoga. 


50:20- The atlas bone is emphasized in Pohl’s practice, for foundational correction. 


52:50- Putting unnecessary pressure on your spine is very bad for your stress level. 


55:48- “We live in a disconnected society.” (Pohl)


58:01- The ‘Mouth of God’ refers physiologically to the opening of the skull where the brain turns into the brain stem and then turns into the spinal cord. 


1:01:20- Patton wants the SHEATH storefront to have a similar vibe to Meow Wolf. 


1:03:44- Overcoming challenges is a part of having a business. 

Holding Your Breath w/ Sammy Sandoval

Holding Your Breath w/ Sammy Sandoval

March 13, 2022

On Episode 10 of Season 7 Robert is joined by Personal Trainer & Steel Mace Coach Sammy Sandoval. Sammy shares where life has taken him since the two last podcasted, and then they take a deep dive into their thoughts on breathwork, meditation, fitness, self improvement, the mastermind principle, among many other interesting topics. 


Find Sammy:


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Show notes:

3:55- Sandoval has increased his coaching efforts at Your Fitness 365 since COVID restrictions have been going down. 


4:09- “Since we have reopened, everything is just growing. Couldn’t ask for anything better, we have a great team over here.” (Sandoval)


6:08- Becoming more active outdoors is something that many families have implemented since the lockdown. 


6:49- Sandoval recently earned his level one certification through Enlifted coaches group. 


8:38- Patton recently attended a transcendental meditation course to deepen his practice. 


10:50- Having a guide is a big help in life, the key is to continue learning and applying what works best for you. 


11:30- When Sandoval visits his mother’s grave site annually, he will perform one thousand steel mace swings to honor her. 


14:15- Instead of using the Peloton app for running, Patton will swing his steel mace to the pace of the workout. 


14:57- Sandoval teaches a weekly steel mace class in San Antonio, Texas. 


15:49- Progressive house and trance is what Sandoval prefers to listen to during his workout, and sometimes he will not bring his phone. 


17:50- Box breathing (equal inhale, hold, exhale, hold out) helps to calm the central nervous system and bring your awareness to center. This is the first thing that Sandoval teaches to his clients. 


19:01- Crocodile breathing helps with relieving pressure in the rib cage. 


20:26- “My strength training, I have to lift or I feel my joints, I’m more prone to injury if I don’t get my strength training in.” (Sandoval)


23:35- Your Fitness 365 has members from all different areas of the city because of its 24/7 access. 


25:47- Sandoval uses google sheets to keep his clients data updated easily. 


28:08- When you workout and get stronger in the gym, it helps you be more proficient in what you enjoy doing outside of the gym. 


30:44- One of Patton’s inspirations is Mr. Beast, the number one content creator on YouTube. 


33:37- It is vital to have a community you can ask for help from to continue growing and leveling up.


35:19- Patton feels a new level of mental composure after building consistency with his meditation practice. 


38:36- Saying you get to do something instead of should do something takes away the pressure and makes the activity fun. 


41:38- Writing personal events out in a story format helps externalize things and helps create space and emotional clarity. 


46:00- Kyle Kingsbury is one of Sandoval’s inspirations for practicing and teaching breath work. 


48:06- “Learn, grow, share.” (Sandoval)


52:07- When you are breathing fully, your posture improves and you begin to relax and feel confident. 


55:02- So many things are in your mind that try to pull you away from the present moment and will cause stress if left unchecked. 


57:51- Being able to payoff debts has been a source of pride for Sandoval. 


59:37- Patton has been studying the love languages and enjoys doing acts of service for his wife. 


1:01:53- The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell is Patton’s new favorite book. 


1:04:36- Sandoval considers the scriptures from the Bible as spiritual reps. 


1:06:20- Be the light in the world to uplift others. 



The Quartering w/ Jeremy Hambly

The Quartering w/ Jeremy Hambly

March 7, 2022

On Episode 9 of Season 7 Robert is joined by host of the popular YouTube channel TheQuartering, Jeremy Hambly. The two dive into their respective views on the current climate in the internet and the world at large. From the ever-changing views of opposing parties, to taking action in life over posturing, this is a deep dive into the mind of Jeremy. Enjoy.


Find Jeremy:


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Show notes:

3:26- Hambly runs his YouTube channel named, The Quartering.  He describes it as a ‘news distillery.’ 


6:40- Truth seeking is one of Hambly’s main core values. 


9:16- Hambly doesn’t know exactly where he fits in politically, but he knows that the people need to be left alone. 


12:00- Patton needs to register for the Libertarian party and hopes that one day David Smith will run for President. 


13:10- “If you’re terminally online, it will poison you.” (Hambley)


15:15- Hambley has a deep issue with TikTok, feeling that is does more harm than good. 


16:25- Patton recommends hiring a mentor if you’re feeling lost and not setting any goals.


18:58- Even if someone has differing beliefs from you, that does not mean you can’t enjoy being around them. 


23:53- Hambley still watches sports, but he never lets it ruin his day if his team loses. 


26:40- One thing that annoys Hambly is when sports stars preach their political opinions. 


30:19- ESPN became too political for Hambly’s taste. 


32:05- Virtue signaling is something that keeps happening in politics instead of actual work that helps change the world for the better. 


35:19- The overall population is much more understanding of LGBT culture now.


36:25- There is a large racism issue in China that is often not talked about. 


39:24- Hambly is very skeptical of Putin’s power. 


43:20- Some of Hambly’s family worked as nurses during the peak of the pandemic. 


45:10- Once Hambly got sick with COVID, it made things very difficult for him. 


47:30- Patton and his wife have not caught COVID. 


49:09- “It was funny how the flu disappeared.” (Hambly)


52:30- There is so much hypocrisy within politics, no one is the perfect candidate for President. 


54:41- Hambly wants the government to protect us but also stay out of our private affairs. 


57:10- One of the problems Hambly had with President Trump was when he fired missiles into Syria early in his presidency. 


58:50- “We could drill all the oil we need in this country.” (Hambly)


1:00:08- Not having a solid infrastructure is one of the current challenges that the electrical vehicle market is facing. 


1:02:50- “I need new blood, new ideas.” (Hambly)


1:07:43- Hambly rose to great success once he found passion for covering things he finds interesting, notably the news. 

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