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Ignite Your Passion w/ James Krause

September 24, 2021

For episode 10 of Season 5 Robert is joined by UFC Fighter James Krause. The two discuss the mindset of champions, teamwork, self-talk, and what it takes to reach success in today's arena. James also shares his best tips for getting the most out of life and your respective career, which is timeless advice anyone could learn from. They also dive into Cryptocurrency and how the two have invested in it for the future.


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Show Notes:

0:46- Patton first discovered Krause after watching an episode of The Ultimate Fighter. 


3:30- As a coach, Krause emphasizes having a winning mindset in addition to enhancing skills and lessening the margin of error. 


5:27- “When you start making people do stuff, they shy away from it.” (Krause)


7:54- Positive self talk is essential because it promotes confidence and builds success. 


11:00- Fine and gross motor skills are important to understand in fighting. 


14:00-  Having fighters who are present and show up the best they can be for fight night are likely to win. 


15:40- Krause has been coaching for over fifteen years. 


16:42- “People are loyal to culture and relationships.” (Krause)


18:00- Patton got SHEATH tattooed on his back in 2013 as a bet on himself. 


21:24- Patton and Krause are both invested in a variety of crypto currencies. 


25:39- A big purchase like buying a home will be something Krause can achieve through the block chain technology. 


29:39- You can’t continue to check your portfolio over and over again, sometimes you have to step away and wait. 


30:24- “Kava is a root from the South Pacific that makes you calm and happy.” (Patton)


32:00- Bitcoin is the legal tender in El Salvador.


35:00- Every major city experiences homelessness in varying degrees. 


35:50- Krause owns three gyms and has multiple real estate properties he rents out to build wealth. 


39:15- One of the reasons for investing in MetroPCS was because Krause worked at T-Mobile before entering the UFC.


41:00- “Think & Grow Rich is my bible.” (Patton)


44:24- Patton enjoys Drake and Wiz Khalifa because they motivate him to work harder. 


46:11- You cannot deter people who are truly obsessed with their passion. 


48:34- “People with money are able to help other people with money.” (Krause)


50:30- Krause is passionate about helping the fighters he works with to become financially free. 


54:00- Abundance and positivity are the foundation to build the rest of yourself. 

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