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Entering The Schmozone w/ Dave ‘The Schmo’ Schmulenson

September 8, 2021

For episode 9 of Season 5 Robert is joined by The Dave Schulenson aka The Schmo. Every week Dave  and his co-host Helen Yee bring their audience the latest MMA and combat sports news from the world’s fight capital, Las Vegas. They interview fighters, trainers and other big names in MMA talk about the sport, the life and anywhere the conversation takes them. Robert and Dave discuss topics like the intricacies and business behind the UFC, and other top MMA leagues, their respective journeys and maintaining a positive attitude through the challenges life throws their way.

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Show Notes:

1:07- Dave Schmulenson is one of the few press pass holders for the UFC.
2:45- Schmo loves being able to interview talented fighters from all over the world.
3:45- Conor McGregor is one of the few athletes that Schmo has yet to interview one on one.
5:00- More fighters in the UFC are choosing to live in Las Vegas due to the exceptional training facilities like the UFC Performance Institute.
6:15- Patton & Schmo are both familiar with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and want to increase their practice.
9:09- Schmo is happy being known for interviewing MMA athletes but started out covering NBA & NFL and has evolved into more combat sports.
10:14- Michael Jordan is the one athlete that would make the Schmo nervous to interview.
13:27- Politics is a big frustration for Patton and Schmo because they know that one side isn’t better than the other and always remember that we are human and not perfect.
15:20- Schmo isn’t afraid to call out the hypocrisies of sponsorships within the sports world.
23:08- There are a vast number of reasons for why and when people join combat sports.
28:00- Patton and Schmo are both huge fans of Paul “The Irish Dragon” Felder.
31:17- Schmo wants to break the outdated mold of boxing because it’s not relatable to the new generation.
33:39- Jake Paul is helping bring awareness to fighter pay which outweighs his negative image as the bad guy.
35:30- Schmo has a degree in communications from The University of Arizona.
37:30- During his senior year in college, Schmo realized he didn’t want to go to Law school but wanted to continue sports broadcasting after getting a spot on the Arizona Athletics team where he got to interview baseball and basketball coaches and players during the pre game.
40:48- “Sports are such an important thing for everybody in life, like they teach you so much about life, how to win, lose, face adversity, build chemistry and teams.” (Schmo)
45:08- Sheath sponsored athlete Brandon Moreno might be the only athlete cut from the UFC that was cut then came back to earn the championship.
48:00- Schmo believes that Khabib will keep his 29-0 record and come back to fight unless it is an exhibition.
49:30- “You gotta enjoy the process and journey.” (Schmo)
50:49- The Schmo works out every day for an hour to get a good sweat and stay mobile. He doesn’t settle into one thing, he enjoys everything from Pilates and Yoga to strength training.
54:00- We all want to experience triumph from time to time.
56:09- Most people don’t realize how much work and sacrifice goes into achieving success.

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