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Brooklyn Boxing & Combat Sports w/ Patrick Healy

August 30, 2021

For episode 8 of Season 5 Robert is joined by Brooklyn Boxing Podcast Host, Patrick Healy. Patrick started his podcast out of his backpack traveling from Brooklyn to Miami. He interviews boxers, fighters, trainers, promoters and personalities and dives deep into their story. During this podcast Robert asks Patrick questions about starting a podcast, and then the two delve into stories about their favorite UFC fighters + more.


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Show Notes:

0:37- A couple weeks ago, Patton was a guest on the Brooklyn Boxing Podcast led by Patrick Healy. 


2:02- One of the biggest challenges in podcasting is bringing an energy that makes things exciting and captivating for the guest and audience. 


3:54- The quality of episodes has gone up for Healy since he partnered up with others who can help him with editing and promoting across multiple platforms. He now has forty two episodes under his belt. 


5:30- HBO 24/7 had amazing story telling for the boxers on the show, which led Healy to fall in love with the sport because it felt like a movie. 


8:20- “A lot of these guys are deeply emotional because it’s such a lonely sport and there’s so much pressure on them.” (Healy)


11:45- When you know the back story of the fighters, it brings hype but with substance. 


13:22- The landscape of boxing is challenging right now because there is a need to bring in new audiences and get things exciting. 


15:39- There are four belt per division in boxing, but only one belt per division in the UFC.


22:44- The next big fight that Healy is excited for is Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk September 25th. 


25:30- Healy states that David Feldman is the Dana White of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships. 


29:30- There is a possibility of a UFC vs. Bellator championship in the near future. 


30:55- “Refereeing in MMA is such a nightmare, I don’t know how Herb Dean and those guys do it.” (Healy)


34:35- Healy doesn’t have aspirations to go pro in boxing, but just has love for the sport and training. He might fight as an amateur at some point. 


38:01- Colby Covington was a perfect example of taking time to develop a persona. 


40:53- “I don’t like a beatdown, I like a close fight.” (Patton)


44:30- The most electric energy Patton has felt watching a fight was Cowboy Cerrone vs. Conor McGregor.


47:30- Seeing a fighter rise to greatness is extremely inspiring but can be upsetting once they care about money more than the game. 


52:18- “You can’t just parachute in and expect results.” (Healy)


55:00- Visualization is a huge tool to help motivate you to get what you want.


57:22- Healy wants to be one of the good guys in the boxing world that actually helps out the fighters. 


59:22- You really see the human spirit come into play during the fights. 


1:02:34- Healy and Patton have both been influenced by Gary Vaynerchuk. 


1:04:00- “People are always quick to ask before they give.” (Patton)


1:06:39- Three of Patton’s favorite podcasters: Theo Von, Tim Dillon and Bridget Phetasy. 



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